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Attacked by an invisible Gunman and invisible Z
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Only the first 5 minutes are interesting.

Maybe it is linked with issue #4329 but the gunshots are diferent.


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Ive been his Buddy in this Session and got exactly the same Bug.

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I've just got hit by invisible zombie.

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had similar problems, conected with a friend on same server, we split up, i had a slight lag and my mate is telling me over ts that hes dead and theres a lot of people shoting there, runed around where he was killed no body or other people, when he can hear stuff from his account's dead player that they still are there -.-, we have also expirienced the invisible zombies on one server, but didnt fidn that as a constant problem.

I've heard of invisible zombies, but are you certain that it wasn't just a sniper shooting at you?

Before i started the recordings, i heard a cry of an agressiv Z. I went to water, watched out for waterwaves and was listening for footsteps. I thought it is an clever idea to identify an invisible thing. :) I started the recording. I was beaten in the water but i couldn't discover from where.

At the time i recorded the video the people played usally friendly. I am to 99% certain that it wasn't a sniper.

Topic about invisible zombies here #0000150 and here #0000365

This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Refer to 0000150: Invisible zombies for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

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