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Major desync issues
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Its like I can't receive any data from the server, only send data. It happens at intervals. I would move around and my friend can see me yet I can't see him, he would be on his previous position on my screen but I would be moving with him on his screen. Other players can see my movement but they I can't see theirs. I put loot on the ground but I can't see the loot myself it is still in my inventory yet my friend can pick it up and use it. I also don't see a desync chain while this is happening only when the problem goes away I see the red or orange desync chain. I don't have this problem in Arma 2, Arma 3, Battlefield, competitive CS:GO all play absolutely fine no lag.

I'm not the only one with the problem.


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Join a random server.

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can confirm. ping on servers varies from excellent to abysmall

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Every now and then I seem to have 100.000 as desync value even on a low ping server (15 ping). The red chain appear then, but after a few seconds the red chain icon goes away and my desynch value is 0 again.

grumpy that is normal don't worry, the people affected, such as i, we get terrible ping even though our internet connection is good, so therefore we get constant desync's

No this happens every time a player is near you regular desync problems have nothing to do with this. I am not able to play the game as every time i try to go near a friend I desync.

can confirm, no way to reproduce yet but seems to happen at random intervals. takes a few minutes to clear up, meanwhile i cannot use items, open doors, interact with stuff in any way

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Can confirm this happens to my friend as well, we can provide video of it as he has streamed it

Same desync. Can confirm no network issues are present at the time of occurrence. Running on a 50mbps/5mbps connection. Happens in large intervals of time and seem to mostly occur during pvp interactions.