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[Attachments] M4 Silencer Does Not Silence Nor Increase Accuracy
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As the title sais, M4 Silencer won't silence the sound and keep it as it was. That said, zombies will get agro.


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Not new by any means, and a suppressor does neither of the things you think it does. Look up subsonic rounds and suppressors :)

It actually does.
Suppressor or shortly renamed as silencer makes the gun silent and increases it's accuracy, though the bullet range decreases.

The suppressors nor the bayonets have any functionality as of now iirc. On a side note, it obviously won't silence it (it'll quiet it down a bit) and you don't HAVE to use subsonic rounds with a suppressor.

Yep, subs are a must. With supersonic ammo the rounds will still have the supersonic crack. The only advantage you get with supers is the hidden flash at the muzzle.

Also FWIW, suppressors don't necessarily "increase" accuracy. They actually are known to drop the point of impact a few inches. This is due to hanging extra weight on the barrel. It bends it ever so slightly downward, thus causing the drop. This will also increase with range, as the shift in POI and the decreased velocity of the subsonic ammo will increase the arc of travel.

So unless you re zero with the suppressor on then you'll have a "decrease" in accuracy.

Sorry for the long winded note, just thought it was food for thought.

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Well I agree with 19kilogrunt in that a suppressor (it isn't called a silencer, by the way, it's suppressor, nobody that knows a thing about it, calls it a silencer....) doesn't make the gun quiet without subsonic ammo and even with that, the M4 has a rather loud, distinct sound when firing, you can't make the 5.56 into a whisperround, you can only mask it, to make it harder to locate the shooter. Not to mention that the 5.56 loses MOST of it's power and range when subsonic, because it was designed as a highspeed, supersonic round. That's why they invented specialized calibers like the .300 Blackout.

But I also agree with Mr.Darkness in that the sound should at least be different.

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