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Ruined Ammo to Pristine Bug
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When ammunition is in the Ruined condition, it can be split and half of the ammunition will be Pristine while the other half is ruined. This can be done repeatedly until there is just 1 ruined bullet left.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have Ruined ammo
  2. Split Ruined ammo
  3. One stack will be Pristine while the other Ruined.
  4. Repeat on the Ruined stack until only one Ruined bullet is left which cannot be split.
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thanks for your report. We are now working on a fix.

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So this is a bug then Accolyte? What is the fix? I think the behavior here makes sense.

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Seems a bit of a jump in imagination that a box of ammo or pile is totally ruined with one bullet. The answer would be to split all your piles of ammo as low as you have space for.

This is alpha and anybody that has played this game much will realise this is a mechanic in the 'alpha' state and not worth worrying about from a player perspective. An educated guess would give the assumption that the mechanic would eventually be a 'chance' to split the ammo into a useable state similar to the chance to get sick from rotten fruit atm.

Please do not put a draconian fix in place that will have to be replaced by a mechanic that is more intuitive and works better for gameplay.


To my understanding the ruined status applies to the whole stack, ie. the whole contents of a box of ammo is rusty/degraded. That makes complete sense in my opinion.

I will run your point of view by the others though. Thanks for your input!

I just found the same thing with ammo Applies to all types...split until all but 1 round is pristine.

So imagine having an ammo box full of 60 stacks of 5.56 ammo in your pants, falling and breaking your leg, and then ruining your ammo box. Imagine how long it took to split ten stacks of ammo down to that one, ruined round.


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@Accolyte – I know you posted this back in march, but I have just been testing this today in the current 0.44 stable branch build and found that it still happens as I placed a 300 round ammo box filled on the top row with 5.56 (150 rounds) and bottom row with ACP45 (200 rounds) into my jacket then persuaded a zed to BIT ME! After a few attempts the zed successfully ruined my jacked and the ammo box along with all the ammo, I then spit all the ammo down to discard only 5 rounds form each type leaving me with 145 rounds of 5.56 and 195 rounds of ACP45. Now in reality the physical force that the zed would have had to exert in order to damage pristine not rusted or degraded ammo would have surly killed my charter but only sustained a bleed that was easily patched with a bandage, so only damaging 10 rounds seems reasonable as ammo is made of metal and to ruin all 350 pristine rounds without killing my character would surely be unrealistic in my opinion. As for dying from being shot, falling or mauled by a zed then this should be a different level of damage to the ammo based on the amount of force that was applied. Just some feedback and suggestions, the game in general is pure brilliance.

it is unrealistic to have an ammo box of 300 rounds in your jacket, but this is another question...

Hi codea,

what you are describing is not the subject of this issue. Please submit a separate bug report (unless you can find one that's already posted).


This is OK! You need to sort the ammo to find the bad ones. They are not all bad. This isn't a bug.

i think its a nice feature to have to sort out the good ammo from the ruined ammo, even if 90% of a stack is ruined lol