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Being attacked by invisible zombie, unable to defend.
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Hi, just been killed by invisible zombie. Close to the town could hear zombie close to me but no visual, when I stopped he started to hit me. Couldn't hit anything going 360 with my hatchet. Run to the building and shut the door, he possibly went through door and killed me.


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I got this was kind of shattering

Just happened to me and my friend. invisible and invincible. just kept getting hit, ran into a church while bleeding from it, unloaded 100+ rounds at the bottleneck entrance and he ran right through and just kept hitting us. It was funny and scary but we had to combat log so we wouldn't die.

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I have experienced something like this before but couldn't reproduce the results. I could hear local zombie agro, was getting hit by it but couldn't see it.

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Video not done by me but shows the problem:

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This has happened to me a few times as well. You can hear the zombie and it attacks you but is invisible.

Duplicate of #0000150 and #0000365

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