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Losing items when 'auto swap' (like with magazines) and no room in inventory.
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You lose an item when 'auto swapping' when there is not enough room in the inventory.

Best way to explain is with an example.

Make sure your inventory is 100% full and there is one 10 bullet magazine in your inventory (1 slot)

Have a M4 with a 30 or 60 bullet magazine in it (requires two slots).

Now press f and click to load the other magazines (in the game this happens a lot accidentally when trying to open a door or something).

Now the game will try to swap the 60 bullet magazine with the 10 bullet magazine in you inventory however it fails in doing so because by swapping it has one slot free but the 60 bullet magazine requires 2 slots.

What then happens is that you lose the magazine that he tries to put in your inventory. It does not give a message that it can't swap, it also does not drop the magazine on the floor you simply lose the magazine into thin air.

Happend to me twice so far. Second time I notice what was the problem (not enough empty slots).

In my opinion a problem with priority as it means you lose items.

I think the same can happen with other items but the magazine one will be the most common example.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 Get an M4 with a 2 slots magazine in it (like a 30 or 60 butter magazine).

2 Get a (full) 10 bullet magazine in your inventory (1 slot)

3 Fill up ALL the other inventory space so there is no slot left.

4 Press F

5 An option will be available to swap magazines, press that

6 Big magazine will be gone because there was not enough room in the inventory.

Additional Information

The fact that every time you press f you get the option to swap the ammo results in this happening a lot accidentally.

In this case give a warning that there is not enough space (not one you have to confirm because you might need to swap fast) and drop the magazine on the floor. Do not let it just dissolve. Thats very frustrating when you lose a hard to get 60 bullet magazine.

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Another way to loose items is by emptying a magazine while no having space in your inventory, OR by emptying a magazine that is on the floor. It goes empty in both cases, but you won't get any rounds.

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Yeah indeed, basically it happens in any situation where the game tries to put something into the inventory when there is no room for it.

With 'the game' I mean when you are not manually trying to put something into the inventory, like looting, then you simply don't get the option to do so. But when you manually do another action that results in the game trying to put something into the inventory (like the magazine swap or the bullets indeed) while it's full.

Detaching gas from a gas-lamp will most likely result in exactly the same. Never tested it specifically but it's the same mechanic so it will most likely result in exactly the same behavior. So the solution should also be generic, not an exception for a specific situation like the examples given here.

Just an 'if no space then message and drop'. Easy fix I think.