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TrackIR Causes in game Hotbar UI to not function
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So anytime I enable my TrackIR and say I want to press 1 to select my M4 I have to press the 1 button like 5 times before it registers and actually switches, if I go and disable TrackIR the UI becomes responsive again and everything usually works in one button press. I say "usually" because sometimes it still doesn't and that needs to be addressed.


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Enable a TrackIR and try to use your hotbar and see that you usually have to double hit a button really fast for it to detect it or press the button like 5 times.

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I have TrackIR5. I will try to confirm this tonight as I've never played the game without out it.

This is not the case form me with my TrackIR 4, it may just be coincidental.

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Tested today with TrackIR5 and I can confirm this bug. When using TrackIR 5 the hotbar keys barely work. They may work after smashing the button for like 10-20 times but it's unplayable.

The issue is fixed when you either disable TrackIR from the settings or move the TrackClipPro away from the TrackIR receiver's "view" (making it go unactive)

Tested on: TrackIR 5+TrackClipPro, Windows 8.1, i7-3820, GTX670
DayZ version: 0.44.123802

I can confirm this bug too.
I have a TrackIR 5 without the TrackClipPro.
Usually I need to hit the HotKeys two to three times, before they work.
It is very annoying and with the new fast hitting Zombies I always have to run with axe in Hand when looting. So I'm a sitting duck when charged by an unfriendly Player, since it takes Ages to open the inventory and switch to my gun.