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Delay When Dropping Loot
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Something that 99% of the time is when I go to drop any item, it takes about 30 seconds for it to appear on the floor. My friends have confirmed that it is the same for them (both win 7 64 bit).

Sometimes we want to exchange items between us all, and we are waiting for ages to do so!


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Drop any item on the floor, and try to pick it up

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This is just down to server lag. It's a known issue that should be improved in the future.

When the server FPS drops, the loot takes longer to "spawn in" after it's dropped, as R834 says, being addressed and hopefully looking to be fixed with the parrelisation architecture Dean was talking about in his most recent Dev update.

Should be fixed in update 0.42.116181:

<i>"Fixed: [...] Network: Dropped items appeared only after a delay (now instant)"</i>


as Johnny pointed out, this has been fixed in an earlier patch. Note that because this action requires a client-server interaction, it is possible that some lag will sometimes occur, especially on servers with higher latency.