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[Suggestion] Tranquillisers (weapon)
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It is very difficult to disable a geared target without first killing them. Along with the crossbow, introduce Tranquilliser tipped arrows that will allow for the temporary disabling of a target, while maintaining the integrity of the items on his person. These rounds should have to be shot at a distance that would put the user at some sort of risk (200~250) meters, and should only last 25-30 seconds.

After being shot a player should be immune to tranquilizing agents from the duration of an hour as to prevent abuse.


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I like this idea.
Perhaps a taser sort of weapon? like have the ranged tasers (ones that cops use)
and then the melee type of tasers.
and have it to where you need to get bateries for them, and if you have a ranged one you need to find extra tips (or part that deploys the prongs.)

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Non lethal weapons would be great, beanbags for shotgun, smoke/gas granades etc

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I agree with this suggestion. Also add batons. They will have a high chance of knocking people out without causing much damage, and have a change to break bones if you hit a player's legs.

Great suggestion! The crossbow provides a good bases to implement non-lethal weapons along with.


I like the Taser idea, the animation of the player twitching on the ground would be awesome.