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Zombies are overpowered
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As a newly spawned player, it seems impossible to enter a town to loot items without startling a few zombies. The zombies have way too much health and especially difficult to kill without firearms. Melee weapons barely damage the zombies. Also, zombies can spot players from very far away and chase players for a long way. I have also noticed that when climbing a hill, the player slows down, but the zombies run at the same speed.


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Possibly lower zombie's health, reduce the distance they can see you from, and reduce the distance they can chase you for.

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Splitting axe or crow bar kills in 2 hits to body, fire axe in 1 hit to body. Before you get one of those just use sprint (double tap forward) and you run 50% faster than the zoombies and easily put distance between you and them. Also consider less populated areas before you get a weapon.

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i regularly go zombie boxing for fun as a new spawn, regularly K.O.(kill) single zombies without getting hit, it doesn't get fun till there's 2 of them.

Zombies need toughening up

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If anything I would say zombies are underpowered and should be much more menacing than they already are.

Overpowered? You can just run up to them with an axe and be safe. If you haven't found an axe - just sneak around.. It's the way this game is meant to be played.

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suck it up, its the end of the world tough up a little

as in latest patch it does not take 1 hit with the fire axe but more 5-10, fire axe should always 1 hit to the head 2 to the body, every other melee weapon does stuff all, they just stand there like a tonne of bricks not even getting knocked to the ground, where is the ragdoll physics they promised us? what we need is MASSIVE hoards of SLOW weak zombies not 2-3 Zombies with super powers being super strong running like usain bolt with binocular vision seeing over a mile away. they are ZOMBIES remember! They are not fun to kill but boring as hell.
Take Arms 3 DAyz mod for example how it should be (even though they are glitching out it gives you an idea)

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Hello bigasian,
thank you for your feedback! The Zombie balancing is an ongoing process which might result in suboptimal solutions at times, but please do know that we are actively looking into the problem. Also, please understand that this is a highly subjective issue and changes might take some time.