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Doors should make noise
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Well, we know that sound of DayZ Standalone is very important, now i'll no report a bug but i'll make a suggestion...

The doors can make noise when we open they, this can be useful when you're inside of a building and have another player inside, you can be alert where the player are and can be useful for zombies too, the zombies inside of the buildings can follow the sound of the door when you open...


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Only open the door by pressing 'F' or 'Middle-Mouse Button'

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Shouldn't the doors make noise when someone opens/closes them? Yet I've never heard doors making a sound.

Definitely, doors should make a noise when opening. And also, footsteps from other payers are very very low.

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i would suggested that if you are not in "walking mode" there will be door sounds so there is still a chance to sneak up on somebody

I completely agree and the big roller doors on the hangars should make a bucket load of noise as IRL. Plus sound attracts attention RISK = REWARD

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This is essential but I fear the devs will be lazy on this or it's going to end up being another of a million engine implementation problems.

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It would be cool if doors could hold back zombies for some time (as they scratch and punch it until it's open)

Open a door IRL once....does it make noise? Open your garage door. Does it make a ton of noise? I thought so....

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I think it depend on the door in what shape is the door? of what material wood metal but a really nice idee good point.

This is a bug tracker not an idea/suggestion forum. Stop wasting people's times with these tickets seriously.

Make it even more interesting, some doors do make a noise when opened. That way it can't always be a reliable notification. Additionally in some cases, prehaps having the ability to oil door hinges on some doors might also help but not always.

I agree, would be nice to actually hear when your being stalked.

in that case, they must make a new action.

open door "normal"
open door (quietly) "that the character will make an slowly animation"

Yeah good Idea, mojrm_7rb!, depends on the case, a rusty shed door is almost impossible to open without a sound, perhaps passing oil.

are you guys seriously clogging up bug feedback trackers with suggestions about door noises REEALLLYYYYY??? :| im pretty sure the idea is you make suggestions over at the forums in the "suggestions" area, and you give feeback about the bugs in this, the "feedback bug tracker" section

the more clogged this place gets with stuff thats been suggested like a million and one times, the more likely bugs are to get missed, hence, not fixed, hence more bugs for us. also this suggestion alone has like FOUR DUPLICATES alone in here, at least search and add your vote to an already made suggestion. PLEASE for the love of all that is satanic. search first, and have ideas over in the forums :P

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They must add sounds for doors later.

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It would also be very nice if the interaction with doors could be improved. Eg pressing F while "near" a door should interact with it. I can not count how many times i have struggeled to close the doors after me trying to be unseen. All that is lost while fumbeling to find the doorknob :p

This is labeled as a feature request guys, OP did not incorrectly post it here, the devs weight "feature requests" as having less priority than critical fixes, so calm down, the devs wont leave your toon stuck in a wall so they can make some creaky doors... that being said, it's a good suggestion, few doors in real life are silent, even the ones that don't squeak will still at least produce a clicking sound when the handle is turned. Of course doors that actually keep zombies out would be another good feature too... I digress. +1

The doors do make noise since the .49 update .. just to mention that :)

andy added a comment.Sep 23 2014, 9:35 AM

Hello survivors,
indeed doors should be making noise when being opened/closed now.
If you encounter issues with this mechanic, please create separate tickets.
Thank you,