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Maximum STANAG Ammo stacks depending on the size of the magazine.
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You can store stacks of single STANAG ammo in you inventory differently. But the highest stack comes from an emptied 60 rounds magazine (double-clip)

There should be a default stack which can´t be increased by filling and emptying the biggest magazine.

If you find single ammo bullets you can stack them up to 30 I think and split them to 15.
But if you find a 60 round mag you should only empty it to 2x30 rounds
For a 40 round mag 1x10 and 1x30
And so on. {F28969}


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Take a 40 round magazine. Empty it
Take a 30 round magazine and empty it.
-> you can not combine the recieved bullets to a max amount of 60

Take a 60 rounds and empty it -> 60 bullets for just 1 inventory slot

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This is definitely bug. It also says 300Rdn Ammo box, not 600Rnd ammo box. I can also confirm that by linked video:

I also can confirm that if you empty a 60 bullets magazine you got that 60 bullets in one slot but you can not combine e.g. two times 30 bullets to 60

Confirmed. Came to add this, found it here.

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Confirmed. I noticed this today too.

Yep can do this. Sometimes can also see it try to split and end up with like a 27 and a 40 and a 30 when you have a previous stack that wasn't a full 30.

I would recommend change the stackamount to 40 and change the double clipped mags to two single mags so it has to reload and that we can craft these with mags of 40 rounds too. Or change the stack amount to 60 or 100...


this is a known issue and we are already working on a fix. We appreciate your feedback however!

Thank you!

it is fixed now
If oyu still have 60 rounds stacks they will be deleted if you try to load it. They think that emptying a coupled mag was "exploiting"

This bug has been fixed. Maximum amount of ammunition in individual stacks is now properly capped.

mr snipes, emptying the magazines resulted in the ability to store unintended amounts of ammunition, which is indeed exploiting a bug.