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What about holiday sale?
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hey, i know, dayz released not so long ago on steam and very popular now of hits sales.
i really want to buy, but... guys, holidays now, please make any discount at least 10% or maybe 25-33, and many people (i'm including) instantly buy a game.
buy game without discount (even if it new) on holiday (sales) not funny.


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This is not a defect or issue with the standalone. I'm confused why you would open a ticket asking for a lower price.

You clearly want this game to fail.
Going on a sale like that will only screw up royal customers. Just like EA.

It will completely destroy userbase.

Please go to college and learn economics, marketing and game design before suggesting something like this.

Minecraft has never went on a sale. Look at their revenue. Just look.

i clicked on main site "leave feedback" and was redirect here. there is no words like "for glitches" or something.

"Please go to college and learn economics" i finished economic faculty in university 4 years ago, i'm not kid. sales involve too many people. pitty what you didn't know that

"You clearly want this game to fail." game will fail only if get donate options.

10% discount for holiday - noral move from devs which wants to congratulate with holidays.

btw i want buy 3 copies: me + 2 friends. i don't want to overpay. there is no "4pack" option, there is no small bonus or discount option.

who are greedy here?

yeah, i know, everybody here already purchased the game for full price and and you hurt that someone can get a small discount.
i'll be veryy happy when discount released and you'll eat your avidity.

Mate, this is a ticket-system for bugs. Devs got enough to do, could you delete this ticket? If you want to, feel free to lead this pointless debate on the forums.

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This sort of request isn't what the feedback tracker is for. You should edit this and set the resolution to 'no bug' to close this ticket.

They are the best selling game on steam there is no reason for a discount... and the game is only on steam for 6 days or so... They wont discount it just to be nice. It may sound stupid but they dont want the game to sell in this state... and to be honest 90% of people would not be able to play it in the state its right now without rage and a QQ

Get a job. 23 isnt much for a game. even if its broken atm

You should be I.P banned from the bug tracker for even posting this.

"You should be I.P banned from the bug tracker for even posting this. "

lol, so next? i reboot my router and get another ip. you are like people who believe in movies hackers, who can reveal anybody by ip? lol

Guys this guy is retarded as hell.

"who can reveal anybody by ip?"

You might want to do a little research bud, I have been working in networking for over 15 years and I can tell you from my own experience, Logs are kept, when IP's are leased to a person, for how long, and when it is released and given to another person. With specific dates/times/account numbers.

It is easy to track an IP. Also, if you are using NAT or PAT, there are programs to decode the NAT/PAT translation to get the internal network address as well.

Also as everyone else said this is a bug report forum. So post bugs and problems, and please dont cry about you not able to afford a 30$ game. Get a job, buy the game, or wait until it releases and pray for a sale one day.

"Guys this guy is retarded as hell."
"I have been working in networking for over 15 years"

Lol, i work with networks from 98. I hacked many foreign servers for fun. If you say some words from wiki - that not make you a wise. Stop talking shit.

Okay, that's my ip - find me.

oh, now my ip is

ohh, now

so next? i can change it every second. ok, find me.

maybe you find exit tor nod or my rdp, or vpn, or socks.. what you can see? nothing. i know, you are too old to know all 0-days exploits and how to secure yourself. you like kevin mitnik who nobody now, but was greatest man in 80s.

"when IP's are leased"

also you illiterate. my english bad but i know about NO apostrophe in words like CDs, IPs, RDPs, etc.

you really dumb theorist, who on 'battlefield' nothing.

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the game is in alpha, a sale would be silly. Buy it if you want to support the development or wait, the price is -low- already.

"please dont cry about you not able to afford a 30$ game" yeah, i can see, you are all greedy. you think i can't afford game? lol, i've got 2100 games in steam, i played only few, coz i can afford to buy. i bought for fun, i like discounts.
i like to gift to my friends. but i don't interested to pay somebody who don't make xmas spirit stronger. it's greed and suck.

"the game is in alpha, a sale would be silly. Buy it if you want to support the development or wait, the price is -low- already."

10% for holidays - good step from devs.
some discount for pack - good movement.

now i can't see any. it's sad and not funny.

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All this crap above just to get 3 bucks off a game, you are just wasting everybody's time. Please stop.

Putting it on sale just advertises it much more on steam, and it's an incomplete game right now. That will generate negative PR from people unfamiliar with it. Just seems counter to their long term success.

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