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Blood regeneration
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The 0.30 patch was supposed to fix blood regeneration, but the problem is still occurring. I cannot regenerate blood from eating, drinking, resting, and have not found another player willing to do a blood transfusion. Running around in black and white is really annoying.


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It works fine for me. Got punched very hard this morning and lost every single bit of colour. After filling myself up and eating some cans of beans my vision went back to normal over like 45min. Was moving arround most of the time.

Are you sure that you are really fully hydrated and fed? Not saying that there is no bug, maybe its just not everybody.

I have definitely had enough food and drink to give me some blood back. I just want color! xD

Dunno about this problem, but my character got sick after I was extremely hungry and thirsty for very long time, and this sickness turned my vision into grey color, just like when you are about to die or lost a lot of blood, it got more grey till it got to limit, and I hope I wont die from that sickness, cause I got a lot of pretty cool military stuff. Still searching for a way to cure it, cause medic pack doesn't have items that could help my sickness, nor eating anything fresh or drinking.

Is your character coughing or vomiting? Mine shows no sign of weakness, just a terribly colorless screen.

Nope, not a single cough nor vomiting, he only said that he wanted. Btw, I just played and in time it vanished, the sickness vanished, but the colorblind still shows, ate and drank a lot of stuff, nothing happens, I even streamed my today's gameplay.

^^I have the exact same problem.

I have a similar issue with colorblindness and no regeneration effects... at least i don't get any feedback about that.

The colorblindness issue is happening to a lot of people. Please comment and up vote to get this bumped and recognized.

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@ smaddeus - Try charcoal if its sickenss. Also try using alcohol on cleaning your wounds.

@mech - what's a charcoal ? never saw such item. Never found alcohol + I didn't mentioned I got hit by zombie or that I have an actual wound, sickness that I got was from not eating nor drinking a lot.

I already said, that it vanished, so I have no problems for very long time now, but thanks for some recommendations.

I have yet to find charcoal or alcohol. Has anyone tried either and had it relieve colorblindness?

Charcoal is a black composite of mostly carbon that results from the heating of wood/organic matter in the absence of oxygen. With oxygen it becomes ash and smoke. This is the result of a thing called fire.
Charcoal filters water. Its in most water filters...
Take vitamins if you're sick. Antibiotics are handy for most sicknesses too don't know if they're in yet. Don't take antibiotics too much or they will weaken your immune system and you will get sick more often.
Don't drink pond water without purifying it.

So basically it's the same "coal", but I know what you are talking about, now that you described it. English is not my native language/tong, so I did not understood you. But is that item available in game ? Developers kinda said that all kinds of stuff that are available as basic and a bit advanced in real world are available in-game too.

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Had the same problem, no sickness just lost blood, vision went blur.
I ate and drank a lot and i rested for several minutes. The blur went away but the colour still very poor and low. It was like that for 2 days, at the end i got a blood transfusion and was fixed.
Also every time i relog (that character didnt die yet) the blur is back and i have to fix it opening the option panel.

I can confirm. 3 hours of running around with full food and water, my friend and I had grey screen. Not sick or any other messages. Recent version as of this post. We finally decided to google and gave eachother saline iv bags and immediately worked and color was restored.didnt want to try bloodbags as we didnt want to chance it if we were incompatible.

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Black and white here as well. Had food poisoning, but it seems to have gone away after a while. I've eaten, drinked, rested, walked, and it's still black and white.

buuuuump, still occurring

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Have the same problem. A blood transfusion returns some blood (and hence color), but apart from that, no regeneration even after eating half a day

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I think the real problem is in the messages telling you what you got.

I've been running around colorblind a while, probably because of bloodloss from encounters with zombies. Tried eating and drinking a lot, never got the message I was full, but it didn't seem to work.

When I found alcohol, I used it to clean my wounds. Then I got a message in my inventory screen, that I was 'sick', while running around I got messages that my wounds where getting better or cleaner and my colour came back slowly. Eventually the 'sick' message went away and is now 'healthy'

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Same issue here. I have been getting my ass kicked by zombies, disinfected my wounds with alcohol / vitamin pills.... colorblind status. I either need Saline or a blood transfusion and that doesn't seem to be capable of being found very easily.

This needs a fix ASAP. We should regenerate blood after a period of time for eating and drinking. 15+ hours with no color = MAJOR PAIN IN THE REAR

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It is fixed already.
You have to eat and drink HUGE amounts! The even start regeneration you would have to eat over 7 packs of tuna and drink 2,5 canteens full of water. Don't forget that your character looses water and energy over time

Ludwig this is not fixed. It is still currently happening. I've eaten more than 7 packs of tuna, drank more than 5 cantines (approximately 15 packs of tuna, 20 cantines) and still gray scale / colorblind. Bugged.

Eat lots. Drink lots. Wait a long long time. Eventually got a message about my wounds looking better. Then a little later got a message about wounds being all healed up.

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Wrong category.

+1, I experience this problem with every survivor I have. Hope it's fixed soon.

Also confirmed. Never regained color after stopping blood loss, eating and drinking to full health and whenever prompted. Stayed black and white for many hours afterward. Probably around 10 hours or so for me.

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You have to drink and eat till you get white full message for each.

If you do not then get a healing notification in menu you must clean your wounds with alcohol.

You must get both full messages back to back.

This is not a bug but part of the learning curve on regeneration. Rice is the most efficient in filling hunger but must be followed with water.

Sprinting takes energy down which can make the healing state harder to achieve if overused.

@valdark thats not the problem, for example in my case that i've explain at the top of this thread, i had a realy low blood level, my vision was all blur and couldnt see a single colour but black and withe. I ate, drank and rested, the blur went away and the colour came back but really poor. So i did start regenerating but i wont ever get full blood, I was like that for hours and the only solution was a saline bag.

When you tab into your inventory do you see either "Healing" or "Healthy" written in white on the right top of your character model window?

If not you either do not have proper food/water levels to heal or your healing is impaired by infected wounds.

Trust me this is the case. I thought the same issue was occurring and it turned out I had infected scratches that needed rubbing alchohol but no indicator is given for this condition only a notification of the healing if you use the alchohol.

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I didnt get blood even from blood transfusion my screen just stayed black and white

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Blood regeneration is working. If you eat and drink until your stomach is full and you're still not regenerating, it most probably is because your wounds are infected (every time a zombie hits you it has 20% chance to infect you), but the "sick" status isn't showing up.

Cleaning your wounds with alcohol and/or taking some antibiotic pills will update your status and show "sick" and give you a message that your wounds look cleaner and they hurt less. Now wait for the sickness to be over, and you will be regenerating/healing. If you don't notice a change in color/clearness in 5-10 minutes you might need to eat/drink or clean your wounds again.

Also Vitamins might or might not speed up the progress.

Refer to this site on how much you need to eat/drink and the different statuses. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it helped me.

Even after taking antibiotics and using alcohol to clean wounds with a full stomach and full hydration, blood still does not regenerate.

If your screen is black&white you just need to do this:

  1. Find rice, 4 cans of food and 2 canteens or 4 water bottles.
  2. Find any safe place (like house in forest).
  3. Drink 2 water bottles.
  4. Eat rice until you have "My stomach feels stuffed" message.
  5. Drink 2 water bottles.
  6. Sit in house for 15 minutes.
  7. Eat 1 can of food and sit another 10 minutes, repeat 3 times.

If you are sick, try to clear your wounds with alcohol before this process.

Eventually you should notice as your screen becomes colorful again =)
Additionally you can see "Healthy" status in your inventory screen.

Worked for me when I drank alcohol... Now I am healthy and able to see colors =)

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I have had the same issue with getting sick and not getting the colour back after being sick and feeding myself, I apparently had little blood because of that sickness and it didn't regen thus died from one blow.

yukinmax is right. You have to eat unitl you are full (both drink and food). Then rest for a while. You will get "healing" status. Tried it today and it worked. You need a lot of food and drink.

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Blood regeneration definatly works, just gettin into "healing" stage takes time, once my character was full and yet he still didint heal, sometimes you need to wait till you digest and eat again, had no problems so far. I would recomend reading the standalone dayz wiki if your sick. All sickneses have a reason and a treatment, if u take the wrong medicine it gets worse. Taking antibiotics makes you sick too if your not ill at all. Best way is to stop eating and drinking untill sickness pases if in early stage.

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It works for me, it's just hard to get your energy and water levels up.

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Please watch the following YouTube video if you are still having issues with regenerating blood. It explains all the details.

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fixed as mentioned above