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Some melee weapons collide with walls in tight indoor environments, making them useless
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Some weapons swing in a wide semi circle, such as the wrench, making them useless when trying to fight indoors in places like the corridor of the military barracks as they constantly collide with walls and reset the animation.


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this is intentional and the melee system isn't complete

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Doesn't mean it shouldn't be reported to the feedback tracker.

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i mean, you ever try swinging a baseball bat in a narrow hallway in real life? it doesn't really work so well. how would you have them fix it? allow the weapon to clip through the wall to hit your target?

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I agree with the responders...

I found that this was quite frustrating in game, especially in the military barracks as you mention. I have a difficult time using my axe in that hallway to kill zombies.

However, it forces me to try other ways to solve my problem, like going outside, or using a different weapon.

Ultimately, I think that this is a good thing, as it's the same kind of solution you'd have to provide in the real world. Of course, we'd be able to change the path of our melee swing in real life, but there are going to be limitations in game that we'll have to live with.

+1 for realism and immersion.

I don't think this needs to change.

Working as intended.