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Legs breaking too easily / Fall damage too high
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Much like the Arma2 Mod small falls break legs which just shouldn't be the case. I came off the stairs in the Barn and broke my legs which I have done in DayZMod in the past. It would have been a metre high in game at the most. Taking damage I can live with that but a broken leg seems to severe a punishment. And everyone knows how treacherous hunting boxes and the barn stairs can be.


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Agreed. Broke my legs from falling maybe 5 feet. I logged out after a while and then when I logged back in I was fine. Later on I fell about 8 feet and died on impact.

My last character slipped off the first staircase in Devils Castle and died on impact. Fall damage seems WAY too high...

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Arguably, they should remove the ability to DIE from fall damage until a better system is put in place. Knock unconscious/ break legs only for now

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I agree with you,the fall damage in this game is completly non-realistic!Devs,please fix that as soon as possible!

agree fall damage too high / unrealistic, almost nobody brokes a leg jumping from 2 meter height..

Agreed, this is a huge problem as at this moment the player often gets crippled and can barely move, rendering the game very frustrating and unplayable.

yep,I can broke my legs falling from my own height... even a child can take that much "damage" without crying.

I had a similar experience today when I stepped off a rock that was (at most) 5 feet high... and died. I had full health at the time.

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You guyz seem to forget that you are probably carring 50 kilo of stuff on your back...You may break your leg or atleast twist it even if its only a 2 meter height fall.. but dying is a bit too much. So i guess depending on how much you are carrying it should influence how much damage you are taking when falling. So no up vote from me.

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Neurax-- LOL... Of course the thing with the weight you are right...
But you can jump on 2 m height as a bamby with a Tshirt Jeans, Shoes and emty at all and break a leg, not sometimes, but always so it's a bug and has to be resolved

I agree something needs to be done here.
The devs ought to see a few freerunning / le parcour videos.

Not saying the ingame characters should be that awesome but it's ridiculous. The characters don't know how to bend their knees or roll on the floor to soften their fall which is any human beings natural instinct. Also, falling on the grass or soil is not as lethal as falling on tarmac.

As for the "50 kilo backpack" argument, that is simply invalid. No way can I ever pack 50 kilos of goods into even a mountain backpack. Apart from that, it doesn't make a difference if you're wearing one or not.

Well u are not only carrying a back pack.. but a main weapon a side weapon and a melee weapon... plus food water and the clothing.. soldiers are carrying between 50 to 100 pounds of stuff depending on the type of infantry... so yes 40-50 KILO makes sens..

Some backpack goes up to 85 liters.. and i think the one in dayz is something around 60-65 liters (mountain one).. An empty ak-47 is about 10 pounds.. so it adds up quickly.

Impossible to do any parcour in those conditions, unless you are running around with a screwdriver or a kitchen knife.

Yes, Neurax, soldiers carry up to 40 kilos of total gear because they can actually fit things in their backpack, which isn't possible in DayZ. I have done an experiment in which I fitted more stuff into a school briefcase than would go into a DayZ ingame mountain backpack. But the inventory slots are not the issue here.. if you calculate how much you have (Ak47 is about 8 pounds btw) on your DayZ toon right now, you will likely not reach 20 kilos, unless you have a mountain backpack full of canned food.

And like was said several times before, it doesn't make a difference if you carry a full or empty backpack or any gear at all or not.

Also: "The characters don't know how to bend their knees or roll on the floor to soften their fall which is any human beings natural instinct. Also, falling on the grass or soil is not as lethal as falling on tarmac."

I agree dying from a 5 feet fall is ridiculous. But i still think that the more weight you have on your back the easier it would be to hurt yourself or break your legs.. So before they implement anything regarding the weight of the gear the player is carrying i think it should stay the way it is.. if not it will end up like counter-strike with players jumping from roof tops spraying and doing head shots ;)

The only time i died from falling was when the ladders where bugged.

at least you didn't die. last time I fell from a similar height I died

I know a guy who stepped off a kerb and broke his back.

Is it possible that the issue might be related to falling distance and damage being proportional ingame? In this case increasing/decreasing the damage would simply not work as you either got characters dying from relatively short drops or surviving relatively long ones.

In reality falling damage is roughly proportional to the square of the distance dropped which means an additional meter has much more impact when you already fell some distance.

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