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Gates disappearing when standing in a specific position whilst rotating the camera
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When standing in a location as shown in the linked video-file gates will disappear in and out. When one gate disappears the twin gate does the same.

Video: {F28795} {F28796}


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Stand in a location similar to what is shown in the video;
rotate your camera

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Said issue also applies in first-person perspective

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Yea, I remember that from Arma II. Once a specific part of the gate is outside your cameras POV, it doesn't get rendered anymore.

In version 0.35.115188, an open gate will disappear when right on top of it. Closed gates do not have this problem. This is using FIRST PERSON mode. This seems to be repeatable for all gates. AMD HD5850 Catalyst 13.4. Quality settings are very high. Texture settings are very high. Post processing is very low. Ambient occlusion is off. HDR Quality is low. AA low.