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Video: Able to glitch under all supermarket / grocery store floors (Players & Zombies)
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When vaulting into all supermarket, the character does not stand on the building floor, instead stands on the terrain ground. Going prone allows you to move around the supermarket unseen, you can still loot, and can still pop up out of the floor and fire/attack by going crouch. You can then move back into prone (and thus out of sight). You can also exit the supermarket on terrain level, with no harm to character.

Zombies also always glitch into supermarket, so you can only ever see their upper torso.

Applies to all versions, including current build 0.30.113860

Please sort this issue before it is used as an exploit. {F28781} {F28782} {F28783} {F28784} {F28785} {F28786}


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Vault into any supermarket from terrain level.
So far I have only tested vaulting into the rear of supermarkets.

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Screenshots attached below do not demonstrate the issue. Images did not capture properly.
For video demonstration, see:

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Experienced this as well but did not realize the cause. A friend appeared in the floor and could not get out until vaulting.

It can happen in some houses as well, and you can't hit zombies and they can't hit you.


Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding this problem.

I was unable to reproduce the issue, but can you confirm if still occurs?

i think this can happen when you try to vault onto the cargo area of the supermarket's back side. you glitch through and can now lie down to crawl around under the actual object