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Micro stutter every few minutes
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others i've asked have had the same

this is after the 0.29.113822 update, before that it wasn't there


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play for a few minutes

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same here, something with ne network bubble, maybe?

i recognized it, when wind/and clouds reset every few minutes

I've also experienced this problem. I didn't start getting it until after the first patch I believe it was.

It seems like the environment gets out of sync between the client and the server.

Same here.

Win8 64bit. This is not depending on graphics settings. Even on extra low graphics this freezes occurs.

@Methlehem: Yes, I have same feeling. Sometimes this also move your character a little bit, even if you stand still.

Same issue. Random temporarily lockup when running. Many times this happens as cities start to render as well, but not always.

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It seems that the vegetation animation resets as well as the environmental sounds

Confirmed, this also happens to me; regardless of where I am.

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I think these two are related. Can you confirm the issue goes away when you disable clouds?

Also am experiencing this issue, although not as frequent, maybe once every 15 min.

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Yes it seems disabling clouds and maybe setting video memory to auto has removed the bad stutter.

Weather still does some kind of sync thing you can tell from all the grass and tree's flinch but doesn't cause bad stutter.

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I timed such instant stutter to happen with about a minute inbetween.

The stutter might not have been perfectly continuous, but that became my impression o fit. (win 7 64bit, 7950 crossfire)

I think I saw grass animation become jerky at some point. As if the playback was rewinded or something like that.

I think this might be a problem with AMD cards. I was playing side by side with my flatmate who was having this problem, while I did not. He has AMD, I have NVidia.

Although it may be Video Card related, it is not for me. Two Comps. One is an AMD card on a Win 8 platform, and the other is a Nvidia card on a Win 7 platform. Both comps I play on have a consistent stuttering issue when running around.

Guesses I have based upon my experience:

Building Rendering (Happens more in/near towns)
Item spawning (Happens frequently in towns while running around)
Overall Terrain Rendering (Happens occasionally even while outside, but usually when sprinting in a straight line)

I believe I had such stuttering when running south from Gorka in the wilderness, a stutter occurring roghly every 50-60 sec.

Happens in Arma 2 as well. Have been dealing with it for years...

This seams to be a global issue possibly caused by animations resetting, for example me and a friend see the same stutter at the same time. We thought it might be related to the animations in the environment namely wind reacting entities such as trees, bushes, and grass.

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Me and a friend noticed as well that this seems global. Happens at exactly the same time for both of us no matter where we are on the map in relation to each other.

We both use EVGA Precision X for monitoring our video cards performance/usage and the stutters were in sync between both our computers (computers not located at the same place, different houses, different internet connections, different specs)

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Turn clouds off.

Does disabling clouds fix this issue?

Matt turning clouds off and i switched video memory from 2048 to auto fixed this issue that i was referring after the 0.29.113822 which was awhile ago.

Haven't really tested it since because somehow or another its fixed.

Feel free to remove this issue or whatever. I think this issue was directly related to the weather script used and some bad sync code

Thanks Smooth if anyone else is still experiencing this please don't hesitate to drop in a feedback issue and if you e-mail me a link to it telling me. My e-mail address is matt.lightfoot(at)