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Painkillers don't work
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So, tried 2 times(2 pills each) after zombie hit me in my face. but no effect. still screaming in pain, moaning and swearing. OR sound bug, and in fact my character doesnt feel any pain and its audio that buged up.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Ask zombie if they want to talk about our savior J.C
2.Catch something in your face
3.Kill zombie
4.Wait untill character start moaning and saying "f**k that hurts"
5.Eat some pills
6.See it doesnt help
7.Eat more of them
8.Fix the bug

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Its an audio bug.

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Or you have a broken limb.

Not all broken limbs reduce you to crawling.

Sometimes they just reduce your ability to run/walk.

Apply splint or morphine to resolve.

I seemed to have this issue too. "My leg is in pain" message for several hours, taking tons of painkillers and vitamins. Eventually used a morphine injection and that cured it.

I had to go the morphine route.
Then again, the last time I had broken legs my toon didn't even whine about it. Threw on a splint and he was off and running without a care in the world.

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