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Unable to craft pieces of map into one map
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I saw in some YouTube videos, even before the open pre Alpha release, that you should be able to craft different map parts into one. I found 3 different pices of the map, but there seems to be no option to craft them together. The next time I found 2 parts, I couldnt Combine them either. {F28714}


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Find different map parts
Drag one part of a map to another
Nothing happens, they just Change their Position in the inventory.

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Same here, wasn't sure if it was intended to be this way or not.

I figured it out, you can't Combine random pieces together. you can Combine only:
E+W= full map.

Here is a scrrenshot of a full map, I crafted.

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I would have said that you would have to have duct tape to tape two pieces of map together as that would be the logical option on any two pieces of map that match along one edge such as NW and NE

You couldn't for example tape together NE and SW as they only touch at the corner point and not along a full edge

bro, do you even read?

no I'm illiterate, I just have incredible luck that my button mashing with my forehead manages to come out as sentences that happen to be perfect English!!

We replied at almost the same time, I was probably typing and your reply wasn't there yet.

Guyver +1 to his responses

SystemFailure +1 for letting us know how to craft the full map!

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