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Food Moves to a Different Inventory Slot Upon Opening with Can Opener
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When a can is opened with the can opener, the food moves from it' current slot to a different slot.

For example, if I have a can of beans in my backpack and open it with the can opener, the beans disappear from the backpack and an open can appears in an empty slot in my cargo pants.

If, however, the cargo pants are full before opening the can of beans, the opened can of beans stay in the back pack.

This behavior is inconsistent. The opened can of beans should appear in the same slot as the unopened can of beans for all cases. {F28694}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Make sure there is an empty slot in cargo pants.
  2. Place an unopened can of beans in backpack.
  3. Open can of beans in backpack.
  4. Note that can of beans disappears from backpack and appears in cargo pants.

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Bug confirmed in 113860. Updated Game Version field.

Sure, the logic behind WHY the can moves is likely related to object creation. None the less, it makes no sense that an item opened in a backpack should suddenly appear in a vest -- or an item opened in a pair of pants should suddenly appear in a shirt. While I haven't payed much attention, it's likely that this issue affects many items which are 'crafted'.

Also, there are many complaints of food disappearing upon opening. I believe, in many cases, the items simply moved slots and the player has lost track of the item.

Well in fact, if you open your can, you have to take it out from your bag... lol !

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this can be annoying from time 2 time

If you have no additional open inventory slots, the can moves out of your inventory. Sometimes you can see it in your immediate vicinity, but sometimes it disappears.

andy added a comment.Nov 10 2014, 3:46 PM

Hi everyone,
we have recently identified the cause here and the issue is scheduled for a fix.
Thank you all for your feedback!