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After a few minutes in game I get teleported back to where I spawned in and the game loses all input capabilities
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After a few minutes in game I get teleported back to where I spawned in and the game loses all input capabilities. Once this happens I have to either Alt-F4 out or Ctrl+Alt+Del task manager to kill the game.


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Just by logging into a server and running for a few minutes makes this happen.

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The server I am playing on is DayZ CA 3-301 midnightgaming running 113822, This has only started happening today with the 113822 patch.

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I've been getting what I think is the same issue, I make some progress north and then get teleported back somewhere I just was to the south with no ability to move or look around and I have to Alt-F4 out. When I relog I'm put where I teleported back to. It seemed to happen fairly regularly every 10-15 mins or so, I did end up further north than I started but I kept getting put back, it happened 3 times and now I've stopped playing as it's probably just going to keep happening. I didn't start at the coast though, I just picked up where I left off earlier in the day in Zelenogorsk (it was fine then). I was on one of the GB/UK servers, I can't find a way to check which one exactly.

One thing that might be of interest/use is that I still had the items that I picked up in the town before I got teleported back. Basically I went to a town, looted it, ran to the north of the town, got teleported back south of the town and still had my loot from the town.

Since version 0.30.113925 this happens regularly when running long distance. I empty my hands, double tap W to start running. Typically hold down ALT as well too look around while keeping the same heading.

After 5-10 minutes I get thrown back a bit(not as far as others seem to indicate). The game stops accepting input from keyboard and mouse and the only way out is to kill the game process.

An interesting addition here is that the game seems to be running fine. The landscape is still animating and souns are playing, ithe issue is that the game no longer responds to my input(including refusing accessing the menu and such things), so this is not a full "game frozen" issue.