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Water is needed consistantly but water doesnt spawn frequent enough
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Water is needed constantly, but hardly ever spawns, I always find myself drinking from ponds/wells, every 10 minutes. An indicator is needed for when hunger is fully satisfied and a person is well hydrated, not just when things are needed.


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Would like to see either more bottles of water. or another type of drink that isn't refillable, but isnt unhealthy like soda's.

Also a constant status indicator would be nice, if UI isn't whats wanted, (I personally think a basic UI would be much easier to understand) It would be good if when fully hydrated, where it normally says "Thirsty" it could say "Hydration" and be green when fully hydrated, then slowly, as you become more thirsty, 1 quarter turns orange, then the longer you wait, it becomes half orange and so on, when i becomes full orange, then the process repeats untill its read, meaning water is urgeantly needed. This will be very helpful, as you will be able to estimate how long you can go before taking another sip, and also how much water you will need for a journey. This can work with hunger and also sickness aswell

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There are so many water pomps that drinking really isn't the biggest problem.

Make sure you take about 10 more drinks from the well after your thirsty message is gone.

It still go's up. When doing that you should be fine for over at least an hour.

The problem you have is more related to not being able to see if you have enough water, you now only see if you are like <30% of what you need.

PS: This is not related to the UI.

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Fruit and various foods are another source of water. Once the need to purify water enters the game things may change, but at present water is a non-issue.

Devata already covered all in his Note, no need to repeat his words.

Also downvotet this "issue" for not being a real issue, but more of «People should learn how the game works before they spam the bugtracker».

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I disagree, every play through I find a water bottle and canteen in the first hour of play. Wells are friggin everywhere and I never run out of water. In fact I don't know how you could with the availability of wells everywhere. There is also an indicator of when your full of water. It is a white message and says that your stomach is full. The green message just means you are no longer thirsty, but not yet full.

Water and soda's spawn alot more frequently now