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Rain noclips through objects/indoor rain
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Rain is not clipping/colliding with objects at the moment. There were heavy winds and heavy weather, felt immersive, I immediately wanted to go inside for shelter. Indoors there's also rain. Downwind of buildings there's also rain (heavy wind = horizontal rain, going downwind of buildings/objects would provide someone shelter against this rain) {F28618} {F28619} {F28620}


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Go in a server, wait for rain, go indoors.

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It's raining inside or through the barracks buildings (Land_Mil_Barracks_i), blue door hangers (Land_Hangar_2) and there are conflicting reports about rain in the ATC (Land_Mil_ControlTower) and the Land_Mil_House. Some see rain in there some dont. According to Rocket bad geo on the building and should be reported

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Has occurred for me in a hospital (Elektro)

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Same here.
And have you ever tried to aim with a scope through rain? No rain!

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This weird, i've seen Rocket2Guns on twitter saying that the indoors rain is causing by Shadows settings in video options... Saying that if you put them in VeryLow/Low/Normal it will going to rain inside building....

his twitt about it :

[B]The fact is I play since start on High/VeryHigh setting, my shadows quality are on High/VeryHigh and I still had rain inside most of buildings ingame.[/B] So what's the point ?!

This has been fixed already in the experimental branch.

Should be fixed in update 0.42.116181:

<i>"Graphics: Rain now does not fall inside buildings for those on Lower/Disabled shadow settings"</i>


this is a known issue and we are already working on a fix. We appreciate your feedback however!

Thank you!