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Show patch notes on main screen
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This game is going to be in alpha for a long time. It would be nice to be able to tell from patch to patch what changed without having to find it on a website somewhere. Being able to see it right before we start to test would be ideal.


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When you click play and update through steam you can click "view patch notes" or something along those lines. Seems fine to me. No searching or anything involved.

Though I suppose it would be nice? Very low priority, in my humble opinion.

I agree with that enhancement. Such thing was really useful in War of the Roses.

DingoDown: There is no such option in steam. Also note that the enhancement request was for a view in the game, without having to go to a website. As an alpha player / tester I just need to know what has changed in the build so I have an idea of what I should or shouldn't test.

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This is definitely a 'nice to have' and would help keep players informed. That being said, I don't mind scouring the forums for information.

You always can use Steam overlay (Shift+Tab) and see news.
Also you can use Steam browser for opening just from game.

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Yes implement this please! Makes it very easy to immediately see what has changed. Also good suggestion!

Agreed. I was thinking of this too. Maybe have the Steam overlay pop up once you launch the game with a link to the newest patch notes. Like if server admins can do that to you and open a tab with any website on the freaking internet they want on any source game which is quite scary actually. Dean Hall should be allowed to make us open a new browser window so that we can automaticly see the newest update to the game.

It would interesting to have actually, maybe a news window like they have on the main menu for Team Fortress 2. :)

Do it exactly like BI did for Take On Mars, worked like a charm and looked beautiful aswell.

Since both are BI games, you should be able to "borrow" code, right? ;)
Makes the job a little easier tbh hehe.

Assuming the codes are compatible ofc.

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i agree with OP. Gives me a warm cozy feeling inside telling me the Devs are listening and making the game better.

Uh I searched for this ticket, but I didn't find it:-/ Thx to the mod for redirecting me at here!

Still it would be nice if this ticket would be acknowledged and someone from Bohemia could give a feedback.
I don't think that implementing something like that is a big deal, but it would be easier for us to test the new features and give fast and good Feedback for every new version :-/

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Arma3 had/has patch notes on the main menu why don't DayZ?

The more patch notes you can put in front of players the better, might as well make it effortless too.

Just why the hell won't you do this already? Stop saying wait for new UI system and shit, we don't need the patch note to be shown in a glorious next-gen UI tech, we just want to read the thing.

a little push for information after 3 Month? :)

They are not good at updating this info on the steam forums either. Everytime there's a release there's a patchrage and people creating 2000 threads over the same matters all going "what who why where." +1

since there still isn't a changelog for 0.57 even if promised, this becomes actual again... any chance that ther will change something?