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Using the Mosin with the long range scope.
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I was looking over my buddy at the North East airfield. I could see his character model fine. But as he got farther away, I would say about 400 m, his body disappeared and all I could see was a little black circle for his head and a thin black line (Which was his gun). Even when I zoomed in all the way with my long range scope it still had this issue. I don't know if this my issue with graphics or the game but this is what I wanted to report.


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Go on the hill west of the airfield. Have a player run away from you. Eventually around 400m there body will dissipate and leave you with a small black circle and a black line for a gun.

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FOV increase?

Your set rendering distance may have caused this, however, I am unsure as I have not experienced this issue. Maybe try changing it at(with windows 7):

C:\Users\[YOUR USER]\Documents\DayZ Other Profiles\[YOUR IN GAME NAME]

-> Open in notepad or word
-> Look for these viewDistance=1000;preferredObjectViewDistance=800;
-> Increase bearing in mind increased strain on your computer.

Not sure if this will help.

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Yea currently player rendering distance is extremely low.

Huge downgrade from Arma 2 and arma 3.

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I would say 300m is when the gun of the character first becomes visible. Completely invisible at 400m. Character with body parts appears around 250m.
Zombies can be seen with naked eye from at least 700m (from top of the new apartments north of Balota to the far end of the airfield itself), so can be player flashlight, not the players themselves.

Edit: my view distance is default/higher than default between the settings

For me people don't render past 1000M

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working as intended #28

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0000028: players not rendering at distance