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Map Blank when you have map fragment
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Pressing the map key when you have a map fragment displays a black, blank map screen. Yet if you bind the map fragment to a quick slot and press the corresponding quick slot number key the map fragment displays.
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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

Find a map fragment.
Drag map fragment to a quick slot.
Press the quick slot number and the map fragment displays correctly.
Press the quick slot number again to go back to your normal view.
Press your map key (Default M)
Map display is black/blank

Additional Information

When you find a map fragment and open it for the first time, ideally it would be nice if this somehow 'saved' so that when you press your map key, whatever fragments you have are displayed.

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I can confirm this.

By default the map key is unbound.

Bind the map key. (assignments - inventrory)

Press it, it will switch to a black screen.

To get out of it, press esc and you will go through a loading screen.

It goes to the same black screen whether you have a map fragment in your inventory or not or if it is on the hotbar.

I have not ried the map keybind when you have a full map in your inventory or hotbar.

I think the keybinding for "Map" is just broken.

Geez added a comment.Mar 20 2015, 3:50 PM

Hello Guyver1.
The map keybind is leftover from the A2 engine and does not interact with the ingame map in any way, for that reason the black screen appears. If you want to use the map item you have to place it onto quickbar and then press the corresponding quickbar hotkey.