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TrackIR zoom broken due to missing key bindings
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Analogue zoom is no longer working when using TrackIR because the two key bindings that allow this to work have been removed from DayZ Alpha.
The two key bindings are:
Zoom In (Continuous)
Zoom Out (Continuous)

These key bindings are present in Arma3 and Arma 2 and I can confirm working (as did Natural Point who make TrackIR (web forum post here -
{F28490} {F28491}


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try using TrackIR to zoom in and out in small amounts. You cannot, and just zoom in 100% no matter how little you move your head.
This works correctly in both Arma2/Arma3/DayZmod

Additional Information

I have included two screenshots showing the correct and working key bindings in Arma3 and the missing config bindings from DayZ Alpha

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andy added a comment.Dec 16 2014, 1:08 PM

Hi Guyver1 and thank you for your feedback!
These options have been removed from the Menu, but they are still present in the config file where you can set them manually.

  • go to C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\DayZ
  • open the Your Username.DayZProfile file
  • Edit the keyZoomContIn and keyZoomContOut values: keyZoomContIn[]={524299}; keyZoomContOut[]={524293};
  • save the file
  • everything should now work as it used to

Hope this works,