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There are many invalid bug reports do to this issue please fix it so you can focus on fixing legit issues with the game.
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I have come to the realization that many of the bugs I am having are due to me and others randomly sellecting servers that may not be updated with the latest version of the game. This was not previously an issues with Day Z as the server selection would not allow you to enter a server if it was not running your version of the game please either implement this feature so that my system scans version and wont allow me and others to join one that is not current to the one we are running or you will waste alot of time on bug reports do to this issue and not due to actually valid bugs... Also consider forcing all server to run the current version of the game there is zero upside to not updating the game so I have no idea why many servers have not updated....considering everyone playing is forced to update by steam why are servers even allowed to run the old versions?


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They or more or less using a version of the Arma server program. All that needs to be done is a signature file check. Thats it. I don't know why this wouldn't be on by default.

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There are many invalid reports because people are unable to follow simple instructions and NOT REPORT DUPLICATE CONTENT.

Reports like this DO NOT HELP.

Developers are already aware.