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Death Glitch.
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Once I die in DayZ I just have to click "Exit" instead of "Respawn" and I can log back into a server with all my weapons and items, spawning in the exact location of my death.


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Die. Click Exit instead of Respawn.

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Same reported by me in issue # 0001178.

I suggest you make this issue private, so this bug isn't used by everyone.

same here. basically: you are dead -> exit -> back to server -> respawn on the exact spot you've died/ exited. everything is there. only items are damaged or ruined.

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duplicate of #0000378 (oldest so far), #0000566 and #0001379 (both closed)

There's reports of this turning you into godmode....

died, exited, rejoined, ran around for a bit, and ran into a player who had an m4, he shot me on sight, only instead of dying his bullets made me bleed profusely, tho, i never died. i was able to survive a full clip, run up to him and beat him up with an axe.

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