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God mode, i cant die.
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I've had this character for about a day now, and I've done everything in my power to kill him.

I have: jumped off of green mountain, have 5+ zombies hit me for longer than 10 minutes, had a player axe me in the face for 5 minutes, tried to starve myself, and been in firefight no way i could have won.

my screen is always pure black and white, despite day or night time. cant even get unconscious, so re-spawning isn't possible.


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its persistent, every server i log into my character is in the same state.

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Nice Bug, hope that i don't come along one of those guys like you are :)

But since i never experienced such a bug, i think it would be essential to know how to reproduce it in order to fix it...

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Could you please post the Steps to Reproduce if you run into this bug?

Developers are aware but unable to fix if they don't know the problem.


no idea how to reproduce.
although i will add that i was finally able to kill myself by jumping from the top of a school 4 times. no broken legs either on the first three attempts

Same problem here, after the "You are died" screen I quit the game. After joining another server today my character was alive again, with all Items, less blood, hungry and dehydrated. Played one hour, Now I only see a blured black/white shiluette of my surroundings and can't die :/

I had the same problem. It started after I broke my leg. I eventually managed to die after hours and hours of drowning myself, having zombies kill me, jumping to my death, ect.

OH MY GOD, you people are freaking superhumans XD

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Rossums, perhaps these players should leave their steam ID or whatever unique identifier is used in the database to track character owners?

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This also happened to my friend while he was unconscious. Tried to kill him with an axe, tons of blood, but he was alive and, well, standing still. |:

I think its a desync problem between you and the server. Friend of mine jumped off a building and noticed no fall damage, and lag at the same time he hit the ground. possibly a connection there.

Out side of the tracker, people are reporting that this is caused by logging directly out after death (Exit) instead of using the "respawn" option. Upon relogging, the users are alive again and are unable to be hurt. Needs confirmed.

Having the same issue. I fell, broke my legs, crawled to water, drowned. I attempted to respawn, but it sat there waiting telling me to wait for about 15-20 minutes. I logged out, came back on another server, in the spot I had died, but in decent health, no broken legs, still hungry and thirsty as before.

Shortly thereafter someone PVPed me with an axe, I could not be killed. Then I wandered around "blurry" and bleeding for another 30 minutes or so, unable to even "respawn" to get rid of the problem. Other players have tried PVP'ing me, to no avail, they quickly give up.

I found that going to my inventory allows me to see the world a bit more clearly, at least enough to see other people or objects.

Still no resolution on this. Exited the game several times, been invincible for several hours. The downside to this is that I did attempt to fight back and won handily as I was invincible. Definitely a bad exploit for guys just out to win.

I would love to find some food, water, and bandages to patch myself up, see if I am still invincible... But I would rather just respawn and be subject to death as normal.

Also found that niether players nor zombies could kill me, as I basically ran a bleeding forest gump inland for several miles, attracting Z's and getting attacked several times in the process. Nothing can kill me, I am already dead.