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Zombies detect us at ridiculous range (More than 120mts)
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Zombies can see me still i'm into building and they are not.. so they can know when i was there at ridiculous range.. I'm talking about 120 mts..


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This is not very good, I am agree.

But I think also, this issue won't be fixed now. The new developer team is creating a new zombie AI at the moment. This issue will be fixed by them automatically I think.

So, we need to wait until the new AI is out.

have the devs even bothered to look at or replay to any of these post other than saying moved for dupe because this is a huge game breaking bug.

andy added a comment.Oct 30 2014, 10:27 AM

we do monitor every ticket.
The problem here is that the Zombie sensor system is quite work-in-progress and there might be some bigger overall tweaks in the future, meaning that spending time on partial changes at the moment might not be very useful.
Also, we do not really feel that this issue is gamebreaking, inconvenient at best.
We will however discuss this and see what can be done.

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jepp73 added a comment.Dec 3 2014, 4:22 PM

To Andy:
This particular issue might not be gamebreaking by its self but combined with all the (many) current zombie issues it is gamebreaking.

I agree the zombie detection range is iffy.

I assume the problem is the line of sight system being slightly "Chance" based.

I am not sure if it was always chance based, or if it was implemented in a recent update. I think I read it was chance based.

For example, (These numbers are made up) a zombie from lets say 50 feet away has a 5 percent chance to detect you every second depending on lighting, stance, etc. A zombie from 5 feet away has a 80 percent chance to detect you every second.

Because of that 5 percent chance, it is possible for a zombie to detect you, in the dark, from 50 feet away. This explains why sometimes a zombie so far away sees you yet one nearby doesn't seem to notice dispite being closer to the player.

EDIT: I also found this video, credit goes to WOBO. 8:05

According to WOBO, the "Respawned" zombies that appear after bieng killed have different AI mechanics then the "Normal" zombies that appear on server bootup, with MUCH farther vision. This might explain the weird "Super Vision" behavior.