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Bodies Disappearing after being killed
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I have used the Mosin Nagant and have shot and killed 6 players with it so far. When the other player is killed after 4-6 seconds the body disappears. Sometimes with the flashlight still on as if it was there.

Might be a bug with just the Mosin, as I have not had any issues with the Axes


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  1. Shoot other player (with Mosin Nagant)
  2. Body Dissapears

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Can confirm, was attacked by 3 players who I killed with my M4. I only managed to loot 1 or 2 items before the body sunk, 1 of the bodies had already sunk before I could run over to it and the 3rd had gone when I looked around.

Confirmed, also happens with zombie bodies occasionally.

Yep every Zombie I have slain has vanished within 1-2 sec of kill

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I think it is like it was in the mod. If the person that got shot/killed disconnects quick enough, the dead body will disappear.

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In mod it was prevented by adding 30 second timer to abort button,players who disconnect fast enough can respawn back alive thus resulting in successful combat logging.

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Every single player I've killed today didn't leave a corpse behind, in one occasion I've been looting someone and as I was going over his items his corpse disappeared.

Dyckman added a subscriber: Dyckman.May 8 2016, 2:17 PM

They're disconnecting.

This has happened to 5 out of the 6 people I have killed. I heard if you disconnect instead of re-spawning the corpse will disappear.

Infuriating problem. Really needs resolving.

Please add a de-spawn timer to dead bodies. Even 2 minutes would be sufficient.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 2:17 PM

Happens all the time, don't know if it has anything to do with combat logging.

It could be a glitch in the game, or it could be caused by players ALT+F4'ing when they're killed.

It's because they have the bodies disappear just as the zombies do, the players do it too, or it's because they logged to fast.

When they disconnect, the body disappear, and you can't loot anything from them

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Was able to test this several times tonight. What was found is if you are killed, so your player is dead, and the player exits the server, the player's body disappears. Did not test this on other servers to see if it was a server issue. For a while we thought it had to do with players being unconscious, because the same thing happens with an unconscious player, if they go down, they can disconnect and their body will disappear (Though we did find on numerous occasions that when this happened your character automatically died.)

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Happened to me also. In Chernogorsk I shot a guy and went to loot his body, I was able to look at his inventory and move one item over but after that nothing would move over. When I exited the inventory screen I'd found his body had disappeared. Then at supermarket, shot two people, both bodies were not there a few seconds later.

This is a high priority for the game, I know quite a few people that are saying there is no point in playing the game because it's broken thanks to this issue. The problem is that whenever people disconnect from the game their dead body disappears so that you cannot loot it. This leaves you injured from battle with absolutely no reward and him not able to come back to his body for the leftovers of my scavenging, so everybody loses. Also at the moment there is a glitch where people can not spawn in without disconnecting first, so there are literally no dead bodys allowed on this game...

Zombies dissapearing is normal as of now because of zombie population in relation to performance of the game and server will be fixed when they work on zombies however player bodies dissapearing is something i have encountered and shouldn't be happening

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!WRONG INFO!this has nothing to do with disconnecting.
My friends got sick because for whatever reason. There is almost no way to go back healthy when you are sick atm in the game. So we shot them both so they could come back and loot their bodies. They respawned close by but their bodies just got disappeared. And they WERE in game sprinting our way to reloot their bodies. So nope it has nothing to do with disconnecting

up. i think this must be the top priority. makes the game unplayable for almost 90% of the players. i mean i can handle all the bugs but this... this just takes away the purpose of the bandit lifestyle. a sniper getting 15 kills wasting bullets but looting nothing is just frustrating.

FYI guys this issue has already been adressed and supposedly fixed by Rocket himself, source:

Expect to see it resolved in next update.

Just happened with me. Killed a guy and when I was looting, the corpse vanished and I lost a fully upgrade M4.

This issue is really gamebreaking and I hope the devs can focus their attention on this problem ASAP. I shot 15 bullets at the poor guy and the only thing I got from him in time was a packet of rifle bullets lol/

SAME FAIL HERE i cant loot the death bodies cause they are instant away

Infinite time would be nice to have on a body because the fact of it if I were killed in any sort of situation my body of course would remain unless for some reason and some how my body disintegrates from spontaneous combustion or burning or decay over time would it be gone and then not everything would be gone

i can support that had it a couple of times, nearly every body just dissapears really fast or immediately.

I think people need to sway more towards holding people up than shooting on sight.. Better chance at loot, dont you all think?

But to add my two cents to this, I axed a guy who was rushing at me with a pistol, body was gone before I even had a change to look it over.

Rocket definitely didn't fix it, I just killed 4 people with the Mosin about an hour ago. All the bodies disappeared within 1 minute of me killing them.

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From what I can tell bodies disappear if the player logs out after dying, if they respawn the body remains.

Confirm that body doesn't disapear if player respawn on same server. Zombie bodies dissapear always.

My experiences:

When dead, you click "Respawn" and nothing happens. It comes up with "Testing 1 2 3" and "Please Wait..." but you don't respawn.

This then forces players to hit "Exit" and therefore their bodies disappearing.

Really could do with this being patched as valuable consumables are just vanishing into the ether rather than into my grubby hands!

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Rocket did fix it... he just wasn't able to deploy it on this patch. Check his twitter. Hopefully the patch is deployed soon.. then again it's the holidays.

It has everything to do with disconnecting. Currently the only way to respawn is via disconnecting and this causes the body to disappear. Rocket mentioned he fixed the respawn and disappearing thing however I'm not entirely sure he did everything needed. From what I read it sounded as though when you log you're body goes to. It needs to stay whether you respawn or disconnect.

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'Tis a major one and needs fixing right away! Hope the devs get around to it right after returning from xmas break. Thanks!

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Bodies are removed when a player exits the game. Due to the respawn button not working, players are forced to exit to respawn however some people don't know about that bug which is why some bodies disapear faster than others.

Confirmed with m4a1 multiple times. Really frustrating, especially when you're hunting bambie killers at balota. poor bambies can't take all the loot after I kill em.

FinKone added a subscriber: FinKone.May 8 2016, 2:17 PM

Yea. These people ain't always combat logging (most the time they are) but for the most part, they click respawn, it doesn't work correctly (1 2 3 ready pops up in bottom left, nothing happens) and forces them to back out and the body also disappears.

Buddy and me tested it. If he sits there at the you are dead screen, body stays. If he clicks respawn, body stays, if he exits, body disappears. If he Alt F4's body disappears.

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Zombies are disapearing too

You sure they aren't combat logging so you can't loot them?

Don't quite sure if zombies can combat log, they seems too stupid for that. :)

Anyway it's quite different how they disapear. They blink one time before getting away.

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This happens when people disconnect. People disconnect to deny you looting their corpses.

The issue is ALL corpses should remain in place for a period of time (10 minutes or so).

I believe dying should force an immediate respawn or at least detaching the user to their character i.e. you can stay in the area to talk to whoever is in the area around your corpse, but if you change servers you respawn instead of stay attached to your corpse.

Hello guys,

The original issue has been fixed some time ago.

Zombies disappearing is currently intended as there is no point in looting the at the moment.

People's corpses disappearing after logging off is a separate issue which is currently being investigated.