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Can not refill multiple Canteens
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If you have more then one canteen in your inventory you can only refill one. once the first one is filled and you go to put other empty canteens on your action bar to refill, the game seems to always put the full canteen on your action bar and in your hands, thus can not fill other canteens. and there is no right-click option to refill canteens from your inventory.


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Bohemia added a subscriber: strtok.Dec 17 2013, 8:58 PM

if you use the "hotkeys"- they are always bound to a specific item. drag each bottle manually into your hands and do it that way

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@joe mecentire I had tried that dragging each bottle to its own hotkey and it keeps going back to the filled canteen

kales added a subscriber: kales.May 8 2016, 2:14 PM

Does not work. Tried to refill two multiple canteens in multiple slots. Can't do that.

I have found to do it you must go into inventory and drag the empty one into your hands, Its not bugged but could be made easier than going into the inventory screen. Consider my comment a work around until they sort it out :)

Like joe_mcentire wrote, put every watterbottle or canteen into the hands, not the hotkey bar.

kales added a comment.Dec 23 2013, 7:09 PM

no this IS a bug, if you are holding a canteen and drag another into your hands they will not swap, you need to empty your hands. It's also far too confusing for containers to hotkey as type and not specific instances

You can work around this.

You must place the canteen you want to fill in a certain spot relative to the other canteen(s). The hands will hold whichever canteen is to the left or above the other canteen(s) in the backpack.

Inventory search order: Top left -> bottom right. Stops at first item of type looked for. This is not a bug but a 'feature'.

kales added a comment.Dec 23 2013, 7:58 PM

I'm reporting it as a bug since it's confusing, saying comments like not a bug or repeating workarounds misses the entire purpose of us being here to report bugs. don't act like this isn't unreliable and not the interface people expect.

The "bug" is in the instance where you drag the 0% canteen which is to the right of the 100% one to the quickslot and try to draw the 0%. It will draw the 100%.

The quickslots will not honor the slot you took the item from, they rather, just take the item for use. If they honored the slot you assigned the item from and you were say down to your last 1 bandage, but you had a stack of 6 in your inventory too, once you used your last one your quickslot would be useless and you would have to reassign the quick slot to the different inventory slot.

You can just drag the 0% to your hands, or you can swap its place in your inventory and redraw it with quickslot to pull out the 0%.

Sure, its less than ideal usage, but the bug isn't that it's not possible to fill more than one canteen, its something different.

This is INDEED a bug. Cause it affects multiple medkits as well.

Math added a subscriber: Math.May 8 2016, 2:14 PM
Math added a comment.Jan 15 2014, 3:02 PM

I agree, it must be fixed.

I think it's better to assign ONE per one object at the hotbar ;)

This needs to be fixed. It is either a bug, or a terrible design decision. Either way, the game should work in a way that is user friendly. Having to juggle canteens around to do strange workarounds to fill/drink from the one that you want is not good gameplay.

I have experienced this issue as well.

Duplicate of #9 (Hotbar (Using Non specific item)).

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