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Not able to switch walk/jogg with SHIFT
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I cannot switch between walking/jogging with the SHIFT key most of the time. I can only decide between walking and running via double-tap.

It worked the initial minutes and then at some point I was unable to change it, despite relog and trying in crouch/standup position.


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Did you tried the simple right click switch between walk and jogging ?

It happened more than once in my last gameplay session.

Tried the double-tap in case it was locked in the wrong mode. Didn't work.

I had this issue in 3rd person view only. Accidentally fixed it by switching to 1st person view, and then back again.

Then every time after that I was able to 'fix' it by switching to 1st and back to 3rd.

Actually it worked again with some new character i got. I will try those fixes if it happens again, was pretty annoying. Thanks mates

make sure you have something equipped in your hands.
using fisty cuffs put the character in a fighting stance

This appears to be fixed, at least for me in today's patch.

Nope, looks like I could reproduce it again, though not sure how. ^^^ Gonzo's suggestion works every time in resolving it.

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Happens me and my friends all the time! We solved it always with relog, now i will try the Fp.view trick now.

RMB-Click solved this for me everytime today. RMB seems to turn on aim and automatically puts you in walk mode. You just don't notice the change when not holding an gun

This happens to me sometimes, too. I hit 0 [Num-Block] and Shift a few times to resolve this.

As Z.Beeblebrox said it seems to be a problem with aiming.

Could be reproduced by taking a weapon in hands, pressing RMB to aim and then putting the weapon away via hotkey. Afterwards you are unable to toggle between walk and jog.
If you press the hotkey again, the weapon goes straight to aiming mode.

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This is not a bug and since you found the solution I am closing this issue.

Thank you