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Drink spawns are too rare
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I can never find a drink. I have played for 3 hours with my friend and we both haven't found a drink once.


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You will learn the water pump locations with time and exploration. It's never an issue for me. Definitely not a bug or malfunction. It's by design.

i found the water pump locations and they didn't do anything?

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DayZ Devs can't help you for being bad at this game.

Bad at this game? They weren't working as in they were bugged, doesn't take much skill to press the middle mouse button.

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As per other feedback look out for water bottles, purification tablets and wells.
Check things like shelving and under tables for canned drinks.

You can either fill up at a well, or a pound ensure you have purification tablets though.
If you're having problems interacting with objects try few things,
Ensure youre in first person (not third) try moving the crosshatch on and off the object you wish to pick up.
If all else fails walk away from the object and return to it again an attempt to pick it up.

Hope this helps!

Yes, I swam to Skalisty Island and spammed the drink button, I became full on water.

I played 3 hours yesterday. Found canteens, soda cans and lots of waterpumps. Ran from Balota to Vybor to Stary. Even found a large backpack and M4A1 with ammo.

No problems at all and the lootspawning of drinks is more than enough. This is a survival game! Play like it.

Saviour added a subscriber: Saviour.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

I've found lots of drinks, ammo is the scarce commodity for me, makes it all more fun....scavenge , that's the idea.

i only find one inside a car.
you can drink from a pump directly now, so no issue.

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Having same issue, went to pump and scroll wheel option to drink appears, or if I have empty bottle in inventory, shows option to fill bottle. however cant actually drink water, or fill bottle. selecting options does nothing.

what is this water people speak of! Is this some magical drink that cures dehydration? I've only been able to find 1 water source, and that's a pond.. and that pond seems to never spawn again near water -.-

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Guys, please use the bug reporting tool to report bugs, not design issues/personal opinions.

Also, don't report different bugs in the same bug thread.

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I think u have to look carefully i had found lot of stuff to drink.

The wells do nothing, you try to drink from them, nothing happens.

Have to disagree I'm afraid. I've found quite a bunch of drinks around certain houses. Also, if you find a water bottle you're basically served for ever.

flexAUT added a subscriber: flexAUT.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

depends on how long the server is up.. yesterday got on a server, found almost nothing. today in the morning on a restarted server i found heaps of drinks and food. guess there are no items respawning at the moment

AydinUK added a subscriber: AydinUK.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

There's enough loot to go round. You just got to be smart about your looting patterns and predict where others go and not go there.

iyeado added a subscriber: iyeado.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

You can drink from the newly added swampy areas near the coast. You must be in first person.

You can't refill bottles at wells. That i know. Have not tried at ponds and not even seen any pumps yet. And fluid containers are more rare than weapons so far. But patience. Alfer dudes.

I think the time your character lasts without water is too short. i got unconscious because i couldn't find any water in 15 minutes even though i went through about 3 towns and couldn't find any so it's a mix of both i think but maybe i just had bad luck with not finding them.

Blaerah added a subscriber: Blaerah.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

Refilling bottles at wells is probably the only thing that works. Just take the bottle in hand and the refill action is available. And sometimes you can drink straight from the well, or straight from a swamp, sometimes not. Maybe well-specific. Or random.

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never had a problem finding water or food. you might want to search food and water NOT at the coast and not in hotspots, because those tend to be emptied pretty quick after a server restart. I don't know where I am recently, but I'm finding lots of food and soda.

They have now fixed drinking from the water wells now. This was a problem for me and im sure many others.

Not a bug, this doesn't belong here.

Pauleh added a subscriber: Pauleh.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

I have found plenty of soda along with canteens/bottles I've used to fill up with water at ponds/pumps.

It is of my opinion that the severity of the punishment for not drinking and eating is too severe for the little amounts of fresh, or unopened food, and little amount of drinks. If the loot spawns leaned more toward survival, rather than dress-up, it would make sense to have such a harsh penalty for starvation, and dehydration. The individual houses on the coast and in between cities, here and there would be a perfect place to gear towards food and drink, I have played for about 5 hours now, and have had to respawn 3 times for lack of fresh food and drinks on the map. Thanks for your time!

honestly i played for a full hour last night and found one random well and nothing but rags and a hat ...

Rossums added a subscriber: Rossums.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

After the feedback I am going to close this report.

The developers are aware of the current issues with loot balance and it will be changed in future updates to bring certain items in line with others and make others slightly rarer.

Thanks for the feedback.