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Zombie agro noises when no zombies are around
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A few friends noticed this also. One of us hears zombie aggro, but there is no zombie present and no one else heard the aggro noise.


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Play the game for a few hours

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I heard this too.. But sometimes the zombies are invisible because I got hit by them..

LeYuno added a subscriber: LeYuno.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

could possibly be a rabbit or another ambient noise. if so this is a known issue.

I hear these noises all the time but I haven`t seen a single zombie in 3 hour playtime in 4 towns that I have visted.

Can confirm this. Hearing zombie sounds but haven't met a single zombie during my 90 minutes of this game.

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This is a duplicate report and the developers are already aware of this bug/problem.

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