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Can't respawn with broken legs
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If you break your legs you can't press the respawn button in the menu.


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RebZot added a subscriber: RebZot.May 8 2016, 2:03 PM

I do not think this is a bug.

You need to be able to respawn with a broken leg. No one wants to crawl around for hours looking for someway to die/heal. Also I had an issue where the broken leg status didn't save when if you abort from the server and join back in.

I agree to ImPinkSnail and say that it is probably really a bug, since it was in the mod aswell and it sucks that you have to crawl around for hours on end until you can end your life if you break your legs somewhere out in the wild.

And yes, at the moment, you can just log out and back in so your legs get fixed. When they remove that exploit though, they should add the respawn button for broken legs.

Yeah. This can't be like this. If I have to deal with that as a feature, I'll be done with the game real quick.

tinkzor added a subscriber: tinkzor.May 8 2016, 2:03 PM
  1. Crawl and look for help.
  2. Wait for starvation.
  3. Go outside your house, get back to the real life. Come back after an hour and you are able to respawn.

You should not be able to respawn with a broken leg, it's a survival game. If you can respawn no matter what happens to you the game will get boring and everyone will start respawning the moment they get hungry or thurst.

Of course you should be able to respawn. You were able to in the mod aswell. I never said "You should be able to respawn no matter what happens", I said you should be able to respawn when you broke your damn legs. When you are out in the wild it can take hours to get to the next village or whatever. That's just a very very stupid and boring gameplaymechanic if you have to literally leave your game running until you die.

Especially in the current state of the game where literally crawling over rocks can break your legs, this is IMPORTANT. "It's a survival game" is no argument.

Ok, then I want to be able to respawn my character the moment I get infected or the moment when i'm bleeding ooh and not to forget the moment when my shoes get wet, because it's damn hard to run around with wet shoes and if i'm in a forest it takes ages till i get to a town and find some dry shoes to wear :(

but seriously, a broken leg is NO reason for respawning.
Rip you shirt, get some sticks combine it and splint your leg, or get some morphine from a hospital. You can also opt to not eat and starve, crawl to a zombie and let him knock you down, go to first person and shoot yourself in the leg till you bleed, Eat rotten fruit and die, Jump off a cliff
Get some friends to help you out in the game (I heared it's fun playing with friends ;). )

Breaking your leg should not be more of a consequence than dying. If there should be a delay in the ability to respawn based on injury, certainly death should mean you can't respawn for an hour.

Saying you have to leave the game for hours and say logged in to die is just stupid.

app0815 added a subscriber: app0815.May 8 2016, 2:03 PM

disconnect and reconnect. legs fixed. :P

@app, one bug doesn't justify another one. They're gonna eventually fix that, and then people are gonna complain about not being able to respawn, you will see.

@tinkzor, all the examples you listed don't make you stuck crawling. If you get hit by a zombie and break your legs at the corner of the map up north it's gonna take you hours to get back to civilization to do ANY of the things you listed which kill yourself. You usually don't carry around rotten fruits, you might not have morphine or splints at hand, starving can take hours if you're well fed and can't sprint, zombies might not be anywhere near you aswell, you can't actually shoot yourself in the leg, there also might not be any cliff to jump off nearby (there aren't that many) and you might not have friends that play the game or have any time for you at the moment.

It's been in the mod, why wouldn't it be in now?

Also, we've seen enough people getting stuck in buildings and stuff already. I'd actually like the respawn button to work even if you didn't break your leg, but only after a certain time alive (so you can't just respawn until you get where you wanted to), at least in the ALPHA!

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 2:03 PM

I was 2 days stuck crawling and just found morphine on server hopping.
It's not fare. Maybe adding a timer when you respawn still alive will desencorauge respawning.

not a bug.
always carry morphine or sicks and rags if you dont have any.

You can break your bones before you find any though.

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Refer to #8560 for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

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