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FOV slider has no number assigned to it
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In every other game with an FOV slider, I use 90 horizontal FOV as I know this is the best setting for me. DayZ just has an arbitrary slider with no value for the horizontal or vertical FOV so I have no idea where to put the slider without trying to work out what the best setting is, and the values for fovTop and fovLeft in the DayZProfile file in My Documents don't seem to be used like in Arma 2/3. Obviously a minor issue but for convenience it's something that would be nice to see changed.


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Would love to see a numerical value for the FoV slider, too.

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Would love to see this implemented.

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how do you know 90 is the best setting for you if you cant tell what is 90 by looking at it?

I think its fine the way it is, because its not like somebody says 90 is the best and every little kid follows that. Instead just learn to make up your own stuff, and trust that. dayz too deep 4 you :D

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Not a priority but it is really silly to have a slider for FOV with no obvious minimum or maximum values and no way to tell what you currently have it set to.

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What if you find the correct setting, then after an update, all your settings get reset because of menu changes.

How do you quickly, and without messing around again find that perfect setting? With a numeric figure....

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Epocx obviously I can tell what the best setting is by spending ages fiddling with the slider to get it into exactly the right position, deciding whether that was better or worse than before etc. but in most games I know I can just set it to 90 and get on with playing it. Also for consistency it's nice to have the exact same setting in all my games.

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I agree not a priority but must have in any pc game.

Must agree, would be nice to have set values implemented into the different sliders to show a true representation of the value of the settings sliders
Nice idea :)