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Stood at the top of a ladder and selected the option to climb down it. The animations that played as part of getting on the ladder caused the character to walk off the roof and die.

This is now the primary thread for this issue


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Yup got it as well. When i clicked action to go down by ladder from the top of the hospital i had an animation with falling down from the roof and at the halfway down, my character appeared on the ladder. I got this 2 times.

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Can confirm I had this too. Ladder on top of the firestation at NWAF, was facing it and went to hop on and he went flying off the room, soon to appear on top just before hitting the ground. I have video if that is helpful towards this.

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related to #0000549, #0000378 and #0000566

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This is now the main thread for the falling off ladder issue.

I'm having a hard time getting the icon to show up that will allow me to get down a ladder. It only shows for a brief instant.

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Yes, but not all the time !

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Same thing here.

Yep, same thing happened to me. I died losing all my stuff :(

Bloggz added a subscriber: Bloggz.May 8 2016, 1:58 PM

I can also confirm this, Hospital building in military camp North of Kamenka, it was the ladder that goes straight down to ground level.

On the roof, looking at top of ladder from off to side, I scrolled MWheel and selected climb down, then character was launched into an arc off the top of the roof and hit ground, character was then suddenly transported back onto the ladder at the top, with climbing animation, but it then went black screen and said 'you are dead'. Character re-spawned on the beach...

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This also happens with the ladders of the ATC towers (top ladder to the roof).
I think it has something to do with your weapon stance: if your weapon is not raised but still in your hands, it is most likely that this bug will occur.

Happens randomly with any ladder.

Was climbing down the ladder at Green Mountain radio tower. Pressed tab to look at my character inventory. Immediately fell to my death.

Confirmed, ladder down from roof of hospital in military compound north of Kamenka. Killed me, then my friend followed suit. Easily repeatable.

Happened to me on the high vertical pipe at the north firestation in Elektrozavodsk. Dead.
Happened to my friend in high building in Dubki. Dead.

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Happened here too - had a rifle in ready state while trying to climb. Survivor just fell forward through the ladder.

I think I know how to don't make this happens: you don't have to have a weapon/fists ready to shoot/punch. Press SPACE for lower the weapon/fists

I usually avoid ladders completely if I don't absolutely need to use them. I use them when I need to get away from a bandit and can use a different route for him not to see me leave a building. Besides the animation still looks very clunky as it teleports you to ladder.

Same thing happened to me last night at an ATC tower.

Happened to me today on top of the controll tower on the north-ouest airfeild.

My Character was really on top of the ladder, looking at my feet, clicked the ladder and BOOM slingshot to the ground, then quick screen to the ladder and then "you are dead".

I usually click ladders from 1-2 feet away. This time is was right on top. Can be the issue ?

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Yep had this happen at the fire station in cherno at the very top on the roof.

0.37 Climbing ladder inside medium appartment building. Go all the way up, climb up the ladder, you will fall back down and most likely break your legs. Much cry. Very sad. So alt+f4. Much please. Very wow whnen repaired = I so happy.

Degraf added a subscriber: Degraf.May 8 2016, 1:58 PM

this glitch is well known, what caused the warning to only use ladders at OWN RISK!

I don't know if this will help the issue but i've had it happen to me a few times when i've been "up close and personal" with the ladder. I have had more success with ladders if I 'activate' them from a short distance away, that way when the ladder animation happens, your character isn't in danger of 'stepping' over the edge, the reported "teleportation" to the ladder isn't a huge issue if your character manages to live though imo.

I so rage quit once. Fully geared at NE Airfield, on top of the ATC, went down the ladder, and what do you know, i feel and died. Didnt play DayZ for a week.

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This has to be the worst of the glitches I dont even get off a ladder unless I can see something I need its just not worth it. 1 out of 10 times getting back down a ladder i fall through the floor.