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Zombie indifferent to presence
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Saw a zombie tonight and was going to whack it on the dome but I was able to walk right up to it without getting agro. I had to hit it on the head to get it to notice my presence. Map was on night time so that may have had something to do with it. Only had it happen once.


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komin added a comment.Dec 17 2013, 3:42 PM

Did you approach to it from behind?

I've seen this as well, once or twice. I was able to walk around the zed several times with the light on without it noticing me.

This happens to me as well, regardless of light levels/stance and angle I approach a zombie.

Same happened to me in the Day cycle. Had 2 zombies standing in front of me (yes, I approached from behind) and then a third one popped up and it took him a few seconds to even do anything.

@komin - I approached it from multiple directions trying to get any reaction. At that time I got none at all. It happened again today but the zombie eventually responded to me. I also noticed that swinging my ax at it was not doing anything until after it noticed me. Then I could do damage to it. It's possible it could have just been server lag, although there were only 5 other people on the server at the time, so I doubt that was the case.

komin added a comment.Dec 18 2013, 1:05 PM

If it happens to you again please make a video (you can make it via Fraps, upload it on some sharing service and post link on it in comment). Thank you.

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This happened to me twice, the zombie ignores you if you don't approach him from the front. The zombie with this behavior was always stationary (not moving) until I circled around him and got agro in front of him

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koomin, here is a video of a similar problem. This happened on Pavlovo at night.

The zombie didn't even flinch even if I tried to whack it three times before hitting it.

I've been running into these deadhead zombies frequently in 822.

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You notice this a lot in ArmA2 as well on high population servers. The delay caused by the scheduler overload keeps on growing over time, since it never has enough free CPU power to catch up. (Not enough server FPS)

For ArmA2 we "solved" this by overclocking all the servers to 5.4GHz and running on RAMDisk to minimize any possible disk read time.

From looking at the DayZ server CPU usage, it seems to weigh in at 125%-150% , similar to ArmA2 so technically you shouldn't run more than 3 gameservers full-population instances on a quadcore. Hyperthreading makes the whole thing much worse, since RV is such a single-threaded engine, and you get fucking thread thrashing and windows putting two "main" (the thread that uses 100% cpu) on the same core, before realising that's a dumb idea and moving it over to another core.

An easy way to make this problem less of an issue would be to instruct game hosting companies to make 50% of their instances on each dedicated server running inverted day/night. The nighttime servers usually never gets full, so it would make things a little bit better at least.

If they're running into low FPSs at these few zombies maybe they need to look at running a headless client for each server to help take the load? Meh, alpha is alpha I guess, but its only going to get worse when they actually turn stuff on.

Headless clients would help, but it would be so hardware inefficient.

Really need more working zombies on the map tho. 700 is not enough for them to be a threat.

Completely forgot to bring this up, these deadhead zombies that I've been running into are often surrounded by normal zombies that do fine with target aquisition.

It doesn't seem to be the usual case of low server FPS causing a lack of responsiveness. These zombies seem to be stuck in a rut and ignore everything around them.

Server FPS might not be the only issue at play with the dead heads.

Perhaps locked onto a target that does not exist anymore, or their "brain" crashed. I've never had a zombie not react to my presence, but for me it's mostly been their slow reactions to my presence.

Current zombie status:

  1. Zombie is ignoring player when hes approaching from behind - known issue, devs working on it
  2. Only limited amount of zombies can be aggroed on player at one time - its designed this way for now
  3. Zombie is attacking disconnected player - known issue, devs working on it
  4. Zombie reactions are slowed by server performance issues - known issue, devs working on it
  5. Zombies gets stuck inside of buildings - known issue, devs working on it
  6. Zombies can push player through walls - known issue, devs working on it

Please report only issues that are not listed above, like if zombie isnt reacting on player approaching from front, or attacking it. Thank you

Felix added a comment.Dec 20 2013, 3:18 PM

The deadheads I mentioned were definitely from front, stationary, non-reactive.

Its possible that it is linked to #2 though if that max # is less than 4. I think I know I've fought 3 at once, I don't know that I've ever seen 4, but that might be due to spawn scarcity.

Clarification on #3, they're actually running sounds and performing attack animations on open air correct?

4 I've been running into tonight, you can circle then once or twice before reaction, but they will eventually react. I'll see about getting a short vid of 4 up soon.

EDIT: Here's video of a type 4, non-dead head

komin added a comment.Dec 20 2013, 3:43 PM

#3 Thats correct.

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happened to me multiple times.. I've been running around randomly when i see a zombie, walk up to it and it doesn't notice me. i can usually hit it 3 or so times before it reacts

Noticed that they can see you at far distances (100+ m) sprinting. You can sprint right at them sometimes and they don't even know. Also noticed that you you can be sneaking and be far away or close by and they still see you


there will be some issues still happening with zombie AI from time to time as they are not fully implemented and a lot of changes are still pending.

I will close this for now as the situation will improve with time.

Thank you for your feedback however!