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White arms on black male when wearing gloves
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Playing as a black male character, your arms turn white when wearing gloves and a t-shirt. {F28099} {F28100}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Black Male character wearing default clothing
  • Equipped Yellow working gloves
  • White male arms

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This is a known issue. Thx for reporting.

Michael Jackson? Is that you?

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Was wearing short sleeve shirt, put on work gloves, OH NOES, Ive got white arms.

meh i did that with a green hoodie n ended up with no arms at all but still use items

I've had this happen for the Black Female as well.

A bit of messing around, and I discovered if your character has the whitest skin color, the gloves turn them a tiny bit darker when worn.

apparently the gloves set the entire arms texture or something.

This is also the case for females.