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AI pathfinding very stupid
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Even from Operation Flashpoint pathfinding is better, smack your programmers


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I think a mod can close this ticket. Because of duplicate or troll.

The author of this ticket is right, he was just rude and quite not clearly described the problem. Pathfinding of the AI sometimes looks rather strange. Very often, Instead of the shortest route the AI chooses the longest.

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a mod? you are serious? for the devs feedback?

rude? just my patience ran out, dude ...

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Yeah, the pathfinding is stupid, that's a fact. For example, take an AI and put it in a vehicle, driver position, and put it on a road. Order to him to move on the same road, but 1 kilometer away. Sometimes he will just follow the road as expected, but sometimes for no reason he will just go offroad and bump into trees, rocks, and finally re-take the road.

There are at least 33 other tickets with AI pathfinding issues (use the search function "view issues"). Please support one of those tickets.