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CTD when opening or saving mission (CZECH language issue only)
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Instant CTD every time I click on Open or Save mission in eden editor.
Tried about 20 times now.. It seems to not crash only if there are NO missions in your missions folder. It crashes when you have at least one saved mission.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start game with CZECH language
  2. Open EDEN editor
  3. Click on Open or Save


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we are sorry you are experiencing issues with our game.

Are you running any mods? If so please try to disable them. Should the problem occur again, please export your game log files from the launcher (again, without any mod).

The mdmp + rpt +bidmp files should be located in this directory:
C:\<username>\AppData\Local\Arma 3

Attach the generated files to the ticket. If the files are too big please use some free file sharing service.

Thank you


I'm not running any mods. Problem happens every single time as long as there is ANY mission in my /missions folder. I don't have any corrupted mission files..

And I found only *.RPT files. *.bidmp and *.mdmp are nowhere to find.

So just realised the source of the problem - it's some kind of Czech language bug. I switched to English language and everything's working perfectly.

Thanks for the additional info, it helped a lot. We will look into this.


the issue should be now fixed in the Steam Dev as well as in the RC, could you please confirm?

Thank you

Hi razazel,
main branch is fully working, dev branch is not working at all (can't even run the game), but that's different story line.

You can now close the ticket and mark as resolved.
Thanks :)

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