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Arma3Update156RC: Extremely Unstable
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  1. Multiple "Access violation - 0xc0000005" when trying to start using arma3battleye.exe or arma3.exe.
  1. Multiple "Error compiling shader PSSpecularAlpha" when using arma3.exe or arma3battleye.exe Required using the arma3launcher.exe to avoid loading any mods, even though no mods were enabled already. Looks like some of the Workshop mods are being enabled by default and can only be disabled using arma3launcher.

The above two errors I encountered multiple times last night for an hour or so before giving up.

  1. I found difficulty joining any official Bohemia Interactive multi-player servers. Either the connection was refused, or the game scenario was already finished and would the server would not restart the game scenario. I also found there were little to no status prompts when downloading the mission or providing status when connecting to multiplayer servers. Without status information, an endless hang (or endless loop) could occur, which has clearly been demonstrated by previous ARMA 3 code requiring ESC or worse, a restart. Myself, I also prefer a system initialization similar to a Linux kernel booting or UNIX/Linux sysvinit initializing the system to avert such endless loops or hangs. As such, I moved on into the editor.
  1. When opening a scenario using the Eden (3D) editor:

File C:\Users\roger\Documents\Arma 3\missions\Phoenix_Domination_V4G.Altis-20150605\mission.sqm, line 0: '.': '�' encountered instead of '=' (See Bug #27847)

  1. I then encountered a final exit error, "Exit Code: 0x000000001 UNABLE_TO_INIT_DXGI"

Again with problems 3-5, I spent another hour or so further encountered these errors.

My conclusion is that there are still too many errors, and would consider this an Alpha version within MS Windows terminology.


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Are the RC snapshots updated, or should we move onto using the daily Development snapshots?

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we are sorry you are experiencing issues with our game.

Are you running any mods? If so please try to disable them. Should the problem occur again, please export your game log files from the launcher (again, without any mod).

The mdmp + rpt +bidmp files should be located in this directory:
C:\<username>\AppData\Local\Arma 3

Attach the generated files to the ticket. If the files are too big please use some free file sharing service.

Additionally, make sure to verify your game data via Steam.
After that, please try to run your Arma as an admin.

As for the issue with the mission editor loading. Did you edit the file manually after creating the mission?

Thank you

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One, if not all of these bugs have already been posted at one time or another. (ie. "Error compiling shader PSSpecularAlpha" for using old mods from older ARMA 3 versions.) So since my download took a long time over DSL, a lot of these bugs are already going to be already in processing.

The mods were all disabled within the stable version, but starting the new version experienced some Workshop mods still being enabled. (ie. @Nam) This required using the RC snapshot arma3launcher.exe to further ensure that all Workshop mods were further deactivated. (ie. @Nam)

My main point was, I encountered numerous bugs or stability issues with this RC version within a very short period of time. (No need to apologize, as I'm volunteering. ;-) Since I experienced so many bugs, and not being able to really spend much time at all for further bug searching within the 3D world, felt it was important to report this aspect.

My question was, is the RC snapshot going to see any incremental updates, or should those of us testing just move onto the daily development snapshots.

On the flip, although I was only able to spend 20 seconds within the 3D editor, I'm impressed with the engineering and direction of this 3D editor. And what coding style I have seen, albeit most is proprietary, I am also somewhat impressed with the clean coding style and the direction of a multi-platform environment.

I have a gut feeling with the bugs I've witnessed so far, I should definitely migrated to daily development snapshots, as most are likely going to be fixed.


sorry for the late reply. RC version should be receiving almost daily updates up to the point where it is going to be released as we want to make sure that major bugs, both old and newly emerged, are all fixed and tested before its release.

Thank you. I happened to catch a similar response of yours within another bug report elsewhere, but not before I attempted to download the daily developer snapshots for several days using ADSL.

Returning to downloading RC still ran about six hours, but unlike the impossible 6-24 hour download times of the Developer snapshots.

I thought the ARMA 3 Tools GameUpdater was an incremental update program, similar to RSync or Git? Anyways, we can close this bug as I'm sure everybody his on the right track, or (for all I know) I think the right track.

Thanks for your attention concerning the quality, although a multi-platform game is almost just as important. (An unrelated note, I'm literally pulling my hair out after working with a software tuner within Windows, even while trying to desperately utilize the software tuner tools within Cygwin.)

Suggest closing this bug, as it's too general, and the purpose was to highlight quality issues.

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