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SoundSet mixer is breaking sound when more than one SoundShader is in SoundSet (rangeCurve bug?)
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The SoundSet mixer seems to have issues when more than one SoundShaders are used.

In the attached files you will find a pbo that replaces sounds for normal MX rifle AND the MXSW light machine gun.

Normal MX uses SoundSet "MX_Shot_SoundSet" which has only one SoundShader: "DS_FPSound".

MXSW uses SoundSet MX_Shot_SoundSetDirty which has two SoundShaders: "DS_FPSound" and "pinkNoise".

IMPORTANT!!! PinkNoise SoundShader has volume = 0, also RangeCurve defines that it is SILENT up until 100m. Still, it breaks sound.

SoundSets MX_Tail_SoundSet can be ignored because for testing purposes the volumeFactor has been set to 0. {F27997}


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Steps To Reproduce

Use the attached files.

-Load pbo & mission, shoot
-use Arsenal to get MXSW (light machine gun variant) & shoot
-note how the sound is different (louder, more high frequency content)

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My other ticket

has been closed, claiming that THIS ticket has more recent information.

I feel like this is a wrong decision - these are two, separate issues which is why I created two tickets. I only used the same attached data.

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I reopened the other ticket. I thought, these are the same issues. Sorry for that.

Removed "note that tail disappears" from original repro steps. It was misleading and has nothing to do with this issue.