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Give more shells to IFV
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I think that IFVs in ArmA III needs more shells. For example in reality, the french VBCI can hold up to 400 25mm shells and even more. In ArmA, the AMV-7 Marshall have only 40 APFSDS-T shells, and 60 GPR-T shells. This is very small, and often in combat I cannot anymore fire at enemy armor in order to protect infantry. Adding more shells to ALL IFV should be great ! An IFV need to have the firepower necessary to protect the infantry.


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Place any IFV in editor, and a something like 4 tanks. Can you destroy all of them ? And having remaining shells after ?

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No one think like me ?

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I don't think an IFV w/o ATGMs is supposed to be able to handle an MBT (let alone 4) on its own. Lacking ATGMs, an IFVs should go up against other IFVs or smaller targets, like MRAPs and trucks. If you expect to see MBTs, have your infantry carry AT, move with friendly MBTs or have air support on standby.

Furthermore, the Marshall's main gun is a 40 mm Bofors, similar to the CV90. The only reference regarding a CV90's ammo capacity I found was from 12 years ago, saying that it can hold 232 rounds in total. But the CV90 is also classified as an ICV whereas the Marshall is classified as an APC. So despite having a similar main gun, their supposed roles differ.

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Yeah, but I'm not talking of adding 1 000 more rounds to IFVs. Just for example on the AMV-7 : Why not 100 GPR-T and 80 APFSDS-T ? It would be nicer to increase the capacity by 30-40%. And yes handling MBTs is difficult, but it is just for the reproduction purpose.

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Please, add some ammo to IFVs. Such things like this should have already be done 2 years ago ! The game updates seriously lack of gameplay improvements...

Actually i play the Marshall often PvP and he has enough ammo to have a long fight. His strength is his 40mm(all others have 30mm) GPR rounds. BUT if you fight a bunch of infantry without AT just use the MG. The Marshall is nt a spray and pray tank like the Mora. The Marshall is more a troop carrier.

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Real life IFV do carry more ammo than those in Arma 3.
LAV-25 with 25mm cannon carries 420 rounds.
Bradley with 25mm cannon carries 900 rounds.
BTR-90 with 30mm carries 500 rounds.
BMP-2 and BMP-3 with 30mm carry 500 rounds.
Puma with 30mm cannon carries 400 rounds.

Arma 3:
Mora and Kamysh with 30mm cannon carry 200 rounds.
Marshall with 40mm cannon carries 100 rounds.

I would agree that all ifv could get some more round but regarding the marshal he has a tiny innerturret compared to a Marder (seen the turret in RL) and the ammo is stored in this inner turret so that means he has low carrieng capabilities

Yeah, so vote up if you agree please. Vehicles in ArmA 3 are completly forgotten, there's almost nothing new on them in each update...