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Feature Request: Add button to close game directly
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I would really like to see a button to exit the game directly. That way I don't have to crash the game via Alt+F4.

Modders will probably know what I mean ;)


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I'm no modder, so I have to ask - in what situation does the Alt+F4 crash the game?

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Well, for me in some cases the game won't fully close if I press ALT+F4 e.g it will run in the task manager.

As far as I know, Alt+F4 is the same as closing a program. It sends exactly the same command as clicking the little cross in the corner, or selecting Exit from file menu on some programs. So a separate button wouldn't change the fact that the game can't exit gracefully.
That issue would be worth its own ticket, especially if you can reproduce it reliably.

I don't have this problem, although I always close the game with Alt+F4, usually several times a day. :)

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