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auto run scripts run during eden editor sessions.
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I use CBA to auto run scripts so that they always run with any mission. Its good for my auto weapon change mod.

but with Eden editor - the script runs during the editor! but it doesnt do it the 1st time you load the mission. but once you have played the mission once and then retruend to Eden editor after the mission has played once, then the auto run script runs evey time. {F27945}


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

put the attached mods in an arma3 aaddon folder.
run cba3 as well.

load an editor session put a few men down and then play as SP. you'll see debug info in the sky.

then exit the mission back into the editor. you'll see the debug info is still active. that script is running inside Eden. not good. also you see that the weapons auto change even in eden editor. and do not revert to original selection inside the editor - which they should.

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Intended state, scripts are supposed to run in Eden workspace, it's like any other mission.

If you don't want scripts to run, make sure to use is3DEN condition.